Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is LUCKY!, I’m a huge Kid Cudi fan aaaaaaand go Knicks!

You didn’t really discover your rap talent until high school. Did you ever expect that you could make a career out of this new-found talent back then?

Correct! I always wanted to be in the entertainment/music industry, I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Once I started to discover what I could do with rap, I wanted it all.

You started out in a band with your college friend, Jordan Sommer. What did you learn from that experience?

That the creation process has no rules or boundaries.

You then went on to release your first single as Lucky Luch. What caused you to rebrand yourself as LUCKY! ?

I went through a lot between releases. I felt like the name didn’t match me, and I wanted to shed some stuff lingering from the past. I had a few family members & friends pass away and I was struggling to find my own as an artist. LUCKY! was me reinventing myself, not only being 100% confident in my voice but also finding myself.

How have you evolved as an artist since those days in that band with Jordan?

The music we made challenged my songwriting, flow & voice. But I think the time that has passed I have filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I think I have a solid sound and brand now.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Shaquira”?

It’s been doing very well. It’s the first big release as LUCKY! It’s a vibe for sure & the video is hella trippy.

Do you have any live performances coming up?

Yes!! May 16th I’ll be performing at The Paper Box.

June 15th, I’ll be at the Talon Bar in BK.

What’s the experience like at one of your shows?

A lot of emotions, I love to get the crowd involved and take them on a trip through my mind.

Do you have any plans for an EP or full-length album?

I want to put out my EP GOODLUCK! this summer.

What advice would you have for aspiring rappers?

Plan everything, stay on top of things & have fun.

Also, keep good friends, I love my friends and they’ve been amazing with helping me create music.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Now that it’s nice out I’m definitely trying to hit the courts and play some basketball & I have to look good so I hit the gym. But I usually work on music every day.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Twitter & Instagram: @LuckyFReyes


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