How did you get your start in music? Was it always something you saw yourself doing for a career?

I always loved music but didn’t believe for the longest time that I could do my own music until just about a few years ago actually. It was a bunch of my close friends that really pushed me to start writing and recording my own music and I am so grateful for them.

Your music is described as dark pop. What does that entail?

Pretty much dark pop just means that my melodies are a bit on the darker side. Most of the songs I write happen to be in minor, but believe it or not, I do have some happier sounding songs as well. Dark pop really just means that the melodies and production sound “darker” than your typical fun, upbeat pop song.

You were born in New York but now reside in Sydney, Australia. What led you there?

I’ve always been a bit adventurous, so I decided to come over to Sydney quite some time ago and I’ve just stayed here because I fell in love with the city and country and people.

What makes Valencia James stand out from other artists out there?

I’d like to think that my melodies and lyrics are different than everyone else because we all have our own expression and ways to communicate our emotions, and I believe the way I communicate my emotion in my songs is different to other artists I’ve heard. Also, in saying that, my hope is that people in general can relate to my songs and find themselves within them.

Your latest single, “Flames” came out of the tragic loss of your family home in the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs. What can you tell us about this song and the video behind it?

Yeah. So my mom and a few of my siblings basically lost almost all of their possessions in the Waldo Canyon fire quite a few years back. We also lost pretty much all our photos and home videos, so a lot of our memories of our childhood went up in flames. It was such a surreal experience and I can’t imagine how it felt, but I’ve always compared it to our words and actions as humans and how easy it is to, “set a fire and watch it all burn”. Just like the fire took my family’s house out so fast, our words and actions can destroy a relationship just as quickly.

Do you have any plans for an EP or full-length album? What can audiences expect from it (if you do)?

Yeah. I believe eventually I will have an EP. Audiences can expect a lot of songs from me either way in some shape or form. One thing that I love is creating different songs that match different emotions/moods so expect to hear different types of songs but always with my signature sound and almost always with a beat you can move to.

Do you have any live shows coming up? What’s the experience like at one of those shows?

I don’t have any live shows coming up at the moment. I’m actually currently working on my next releases and creating the experience I would like for my listeners to have at the live show. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I want to make sure my shows will be exactly what I want them to be and what my listeners want. I can promise you they’ll definitely be moody and always have a bit of fun mixed in as well.

What advice would you give to aspiring singers/songwriters?

I would always say work hard, be self-disciplined, don’t give up, and realize you’re not always going to get the best songs all the time so don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself to feel and then go put those emotions into your music.

What’s your life like outside of music?

My life is actually pretty much music between writing every day, recording demos, and collaborating, but I do like to get out of the house and workout as much as possible and travel when I can. I think the hardest part of being an artist/songwriter is learning how to switch your mind off and actually find ways to relax. But when you can do it, it is totally worth it.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

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