In the first set of videos from our BattleTanx series, I make my way from Ground Zero to Stranglehold Bridge in my fight against The Urban Decay!

Part 1 – This is a re-upload of the Ground Zero video that went up earlier this week. This upload, while not perfect, has a better recording of the opening cutscene.

Ground Zero (BattleTanx Let's Play #1) (ReUpload)

Part 2 – Having made our way past the Urban Decay in what was left of Queens, the next step in our journey is through the Midtown Tunnel, apparently renamed “No Man’s Land” due to nobody making it through alive.

The Tunnel (BattleTanx Let's Play #2)

Part 3 – The former heart of New York, now Times Square stands as a wasteland following the mass destruction rung in by the nukes and other attacks in a desperate attempt to control the population. Now standing as the home of the Urban Decay and Griffin’s next challenge.

Times Square (BattleTanx Let's Play #3)

Part 4 – Having clear out the Urban Decay from Times Square, Griffin’s next objective is to out of New York City. To do so, we must cross the George Washington Bridge, also known as “Stranglehold Bridge” due to how tight the Urban Decay are holding onto it.

Stranglehold Bridge (BattleTanx Let's Play #4)


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