There are many jobs and painstaking decisions that go into the creation of our favorite heroes and heroines… But throw all that other jazz out because we’re just going to be taking a look at only those with the finest of linens in our list today. Sorry Mario, get out of here with those overalls!

5. Assassins Creed – Ezio

Layering is the name of the game here! Who better to represent the legendary Assassin’s Creed series than who brought the series to new levels of fashion (okay… and gameplay) than the Italian stallion Ezio. While a bit flashy for some, Ezio rocks the elegant Assassin’s robes with a bit more Italian and decorative flair in the form a few extra layers and his cape. This gaudy renaissance get-up truly stands out, rendering it completely impractical, even-so it became the definition of cool when it hit people’s consoles back in the day. Throw in a few decorative metal pieces and tie it all in with the signature hidden blade and Ezio is left being one cut-throat contender in the fashion department. 

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Arthur Morgan

Many may argue that the younger more hip protagonist of the series, John, has some great outfits, but truth be told, Author Morgan’s fashion game became the driving force of this game for me. Big hats, duster jackets, bright purple detailed vests, hell you can even pick your spurs for the ultimate amount of detailing and expression. The story and characters of this masterpiece are great and all, but each new town, fight, and legendary hunting mission was truly more inspiration to put together the perfect outfit for my Morgan. My Morgan rocked the white bison jacket. On top of its great variety, due to the detailed weather system, the game tasks you with putting three outfits together for any given time: Cold weather, neutral, and warm, making Red Dead Redemption 2 truly the most elaborate game of dress-up (plus some other stuff if you get to it).

3. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – Link

Can you say “Iconic”? Link from the Legend of Zelda series has been rocking essentially the same get-up for the past 33 years, with only slight variation. The Link that stands out to me especially in this category is the most fashionable of them all, the beloved “Breath of the Wild” Link. Being the only Link Nintendo has let out of their smelly shackles of one to two outfits throughout their game (my sympathies to princess Zelda) the player was given absolute freedom of expression in just how their Link should be dressed down to the color of each item. Though many of these complete outfits standout as being powerful fashion statements, I’m looking at you Blue Champion’s Tunic and Cross-Dressing Link, nothing quite hits it home as much as the iterations of the classic outfits. Link has been making his green tunic with brown accents part of his “look” for decades and he still stands as the only man to not only not look bad in that get up (don’t @ cosplayers) but to make it look damn good.

2. Infamous Second Son – Delsin Rowe

My own personal taste makes its appearance on this list in the form of Infamous Second Son’s Delsin Rowe. While this Infamous outing wasn’t offering as much depth as some fans wanted from the series, it wasn’t lacking was in the looks department. This game brought the vibrant neon-clad city of Seattle to life — and no one sums up that city through looks quite as perfectly as their leading character Delsin. He rocks a pair of skate shoes, grey skinny jeans, a hoodie, a red beanie, and, the centerpiece of it all, a black denim vest over the top, sporting pins, studs, and a graphic on the back. On top of this, the hoodie will change color according to how you choose to play the game: Red when evil, black when bad, grey when neutral, and white when good. Deslin’s Northwest tribal tattoo from his own personal Native American tribe puts the finishing touches onto a look that permeates Seattle grunge and culture.

Honorable Mention: Hotline Miami – Jacket

Jacket from Hotline Miami puts some serious style into the murdering scene. In this throwback styled game, Jacket rocks a true American classic with a pair of blue jeans, a letterman jacket, and some white sneakers. The letterman jacket rocks a strange but complimentary color scheme of a yellow, tan, and dark brown. All of these minimalist combinations are only accentuated by a splash of color in the form of a rooster mask that brings the whole look together and a splash of blood to make the whole thing pop. Classic – Murderous – Timeless.

1. Persona 5 – Everyone!

As far as any kind of style in video games go, you would be hard pressed to find anything that can top the vividly artistic Persona 5. Skipping over the traumatic event that would be picking a specific character, I’m just going with the full main cast. Persona 5’s style takes Japanese student chic and pairs it with the cast’s rebellious sensibilities. Each and every character takes the uniform and school standard and slightly alters it in its details to fit their personalities; sometimes by wearing a t-shirt under a blazer, sometimes by showing a bit of irreverence with a simple untucked and ruffled look. Couple this with the fact that each personality in the Phantom Thieves has their very own alternative outfit for the Metaverse, where they rock over-the-top looks that associate with the prison and dungeon aesthetic. For these many reasons Persona 5 tops out my list for having fashion on another level

These things are a marvel to behold, with developers creating a level of personality and style from nowhere. Developers have impacted the gaming world by being able to express creative freedom through fashion truly from the ground up. As someone who cares about style and fashion myself, this is a detail that just blows me away in this upcoming industry. I  can’t wait to see what comes next. 

Who do you think has the best style in video games?

Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you thought.


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