Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio but I’ve been living in Los Angeles for quite a few years now, soaking up the sun-rays and SoCal vibes. Other than my passion for music, I love being outdoors, playing sports or exploring nature. 

How did you get into the music scene? 

My whole family is pretty obsessed with music. My dad, uncle, brother…all musicians. I grew up all around it and started singing and playing instruments at a young age. The songwriting and performing really got going when I was a teenager and just continued to grow from there. 

How would you describe your musicals style? 

My style is pretty upbeat for the most part. Cool grooves, tasty riffs, catchy melodies. A lot of it is guitar-driven since that’s my feature instrument but I like playing around with some synth stuff as well to find new sounds and freshen things up. 

Your latest single is called “2002”. What can audiences expect from this song? 


“2002” is the first groove I ever wrote when I started this project, so I feel like it really does a good job of capturing the Tae & the Wave sound. You can definitely hear the California influence in there that creates a cool, dreamy soundscape for a summer afternoon drive or lounging by the pool. 

The song was self-produced, but you did get some consultation from Jerry Depizzo of OAR. What types of input did Jerry have during the production process? 

Jerry is just a super cool dude all around. He had some good ideas that helped tighten up the arrangement a bit. He introduced me to Nick D’Andrea of the band Doc Robinson, who also provided some helpful feedback and ultimately pointed us in the direction of our mixing engineer, Glenn Davis. The contributions of these three guys all really helped push this song through the finish line.

What are some of your memories from the year 2002? 

That was the year I got my driver’s license, so there are definitely a lot of good memories of cruising with friends and soaking in the freedom of the open road for the first time. That’s a sensation I think most of us still get excited about on when we take road trips and whatnot. Tough to beat the first time you experience that. 

Do you have any EPs or full-length albums in the works? 

With “2002” being my 5th release, I have two more songs I’d like to put out by the end of the year. These seven songs were all pretty much written around the same time and represent the genesis of Tae & the Wave. So that essentially will be the EP. At this stage, I just prefer releasing them as singles over time rather than a bunch of songs all at once. So they all get their time to shine. 

Do you have any live shows coming up? What’s the experience like at one of those shows? 

I’m looking forward to this fundraiser meets music festival that we’re playing in September called the A&F Challenge at Abercrombie & Fitch’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. We’ll be play alongside Galantis, Misterwives and Arizona among others. For the live shows, I love dancing around, jamming out more on the guitar and bringing a lot of energy to the performances that really help bring these songs to life. I have a few guys that play with me as well so it’s fun to rock out together and share that on-stage experience with others. 

What’s next for your career? 

I really believe in these songs and their potential to connect with listeners. So we’re working on tour dates for the Fall right now, in addition to some licensing opportunities to help get the music in front of as many ears as possible. 

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters? Life and exploration inspires creativity. Don’t be afraid to go out in the world and interact with others and nature. Truly immerse yourself in the human experience and then write about it!

What’s your life like outside of music? I’d say I live a pretty active lifestyle. I love being outdoors, playing sports, exploring nature, longboarding and going to concerts and music festivals with friends. I share an events calendar online with my closest friends so we’re always adding things to that and finding fun adventures to do together. 

Let the readers know where to find you online. You can join my wave tribe on instagram @taeandthewave or visit my website, The music is available on all the major streaming platforms…Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.




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