Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We’re a 5 piece band called Colour of the Jungle, we are a group of friends that love playing music together. 

How did you come together to form Colour of the Jungle?

The band formed from me (the singer, jack) and Ben our old guitarist just learning songs together. Joe (Rhythm guitar) then moved in with Ben. Joe’s been my best mate since we met 13 years ago. We were only messing around to start of with then asked our mate John (bassist) to join in as he’s insane on the bass. Then Dan (drummer) we’ve been in bands with before and he was in a limbo between band so we thought we’d get some studio space in our mate’s farm where he had built a studio. 

How would you describe your musical style?

New songs came out of nowhere, I’d write a song on my acoustic guitar or acoustic bass. Take it to the band, and it would turn into something bigger than I had in my head. John shapes the sound a lot and he and dan clicked straight away and the songs took shape of early Kings of Leon and Red Hot Chili Peppers with a hint of pearl jam. Never what I had in mind but I no way disappointed and wanted the nature of it to grow. 

What have you learned since your debut EP, “The Jungle Book”?

Since doing our EP The Jungle Book we’ve learnt how rubbish we all are at anything online. We’ve made mistake after mistake not with our music but how we recorded it and published it. A lesson we’ve learnt the hard way. When really we should have asked other musicians we know around us a little more than we did.   

Your latest single is called, “Steel Tray”. What can you tell us about this song?

Our latest release “Steel Tray” is the start of our new guitarist (Brendan) I went to school with this handsome geezer, he was plastering my house 2 days before the recording, Ben had left to pop out a baby so I was going to play the lead. Me and Brendan have a little jam in my kitchen and I said he should come and see what he can do on the recording and well, just listen, it’s f**** incredible. He blew us and the producer away. The songs about having a bad day but trying to put yourself in the mind of someone having the worst day but ultimately relying on another person’s approval to tell you it’s fine. 

Can audiences expect a full-length album on the way anytime soon?

We are trying our hardest to record more songs to eventually have an album to put on vinyl, Can’t beat a record. But it’s £500 a song…. ish and we, unfortunately, can’t afford to just quickly make an album. Believe us we’ve tried but the quality in doing it without money is a big difference. We’re aiming for a new release each month which will achieve an album and much more content.

Do you have any live shows coming up? If so, what’s the audience experience like at these shows?

We’ve got a gig in the Edge of the Wedge in Portsmouth supporting Mantras which is a great venue and a sick band. It always goes off in the edge. Then Wickham Festival and then victorious festival. We go for it on stage and get the audience bouncing. We’re lairy and make sure people know they’ve watched Colour of the Jungle for sure.

What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

My advice to an aspiring artist/band is don’t waste your time fitting in, be as creative as you can and don’t hold back. most importantly don’t look at bands in your position and get jealous of stuff they do that you don’t. It’s a journey and a personal one. Sometimes most the fun is in the studio not even making it to other people’s ears. And most importantly try not to hate a band member for being useless at everything but his instrument, you can’t get a group of people together without having 1 useless reprobate. If you only have 1 then your already winning. 

What are your lives like outside of music?

Away from the band, we do our daily jobs that we’re not much fond of like the rest of the world, me, Joe and sometimes Brendan surf whenever there’s waves and binge drink when there’s not. 

Let the readers know where to find you online.

You can search Colour of the Jungle on









All of them will come straight up in the search so it’s easy to find and we will keep it fresh with new songs and videos and soon merchandise… peace!


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