Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A cool fact is that I was born on a leap-day, Feb 29. Meaning I legitimately only have a calendar birthday every 4 years. Next year is one of them lol

How did you first get into music? Was it always something that you wanted to make a career out of or did it develop over time?

Well fortunately very early on I was aware that I had this embedded passion and love for music. At the time it wasn’t something that I had to consider much about, I just knew that it was apart of who I was innately.

I’d watch the performing artists that came before me and learned to become studious. This being all I knew as a young kid I really didn’t make space to consider anything else, I knew this is the life I would live.

How would you describe your musical style?

At the risk of sounding politically correct, I’d describe my musical style as a decent balance between contemporary R&B and whatever else comes to mind at the time of recording/listening back.

Your latest single is called, “Deceiving, Bad Habits”. What can you tell us about this song?

This specific song really became the culmination of one of the most significant, overcoming times of my life. Although I wrote it inspired by the influences of a passionately romantic but chaotic relationship, it really was the backdrop of my own personal struggles at the time. Kind of just getting to a space where I had to acknowledge that I was creating space within my own mind to coherently believe narratives that just weren’t reality. All of this in relation to love and career-business. That was definitely a necessary lesson.

What was it like working with German producer Mentor?

My brother! Mentor and I first started working on music back in 2014 for my very first mixtape The Open EP. At the time I was concerned about developing my own sound and having limited resources, so after browsing hashtags on Instagram I reached out for beats and have been working ever since.

With this specific record, he sent it to me in a pack that I had skipped over for a little while, I brought it back around when I was searching for an old record and knew I had to write to it. 

What can audiences expect from your EP “As A Man Thinketh” that drops in September?

With “As a Man Thinketh”, I’m hoping that people get a chance to develop a sense of who I am as an artist and writer, and even what I can contribute vocally. With this project I put forth the most strenuous efforts, making sure it was at a place I felt connected to all around. So my only hope is that it translates.

What’s next for your career?

As of right now, I’m still recording music to release. I’m also getting more involved in music and film production as I’m writing a short film. 

What advice would you have for aspiring musicians? 

Growing up I always heard the proclamations to believe in yourself, to stay consistent and be diligent. But very seldom did I hear people encourage embracing difficulties. I’ve come to see how much of your progress is weighing on your perception to what could be considered failure or setback. So I encourage any aspiring professional to stay committed to the process. To embrace the inevitable difficulties in getting to your purpose and look at them as necessary.

What’s your life like outside of music?

The spaces outside of music are always revealing so much man. I feel like I’m ever-unfolding, learning and un-learning. But I’m grateful nonetheless. These days I’m getting more involved in post-production editing, culinary arts, and sending voice memos in Instagram dm.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

If you’re internet savvy you can follow me on all the following socials: Instagram/Twitter @jordandgoodman, SoundCloud and YouTube @Jordangoodmusic 


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