The next batch of videos of our BattleTanx playthrough are here from Area 51 to The Crimson Gate!

Part 6: Having rescued a Queen Lord in the past mission, Griffin and his forces must defend the Queen Lord while at the same time attempting to rescue a new one.

Part 7: Now with two Queen Lords rescued, Griffin and his army have secured the northern part of Chicago. The next target is southern Chicago. However, the Psycho Brigade has teamed up with the Skull Riderz in an effort to push back Griffin’s growing army

Part 8: Having taken control of the “Heartland”, Griffin and his forces continue west in search of the quarantine zone. Standing in his way next is the “Armageddon Highway” which is controlled by a trio of gangs, The Mech Maniacs, Charlie Company, and the Nuclear Knights.

Part 9: Having made it across Armageddon Highway, Griffin and his forces find Area 51 rich in tech and holding several Queen Lords guarded by the Mech Maniacs, Charlie Company, and the Nuclear Knights.

Part 10: Area 51 is secure. The next destination is Las Vegas and, specifically, Fremont St., the headquarters of the alliance between the Mech Maniacs, Charlie Company, and the Nuclear Knights. Once again, Griffin must rescue their Queen Lords and put an end to this alliance.

Part 11: Las Vegas has been liberated. Now Griffin sets his sights on his destiny in San Francisco, a Quarantine Zone that his dreams have led him to. But the city is only has one way in, the former Golden Gate Bridge, now named The Crimson Bridge. So named due to all the lost armies trying to get past the defending gangs, The Dark Angels, After Shocks, and Skull Riderz.


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