The next bunch of videos in our Aladdin playthrough are here going from the Sultan’s Dungeon to a ride on the magic carpet!

Part 4: Having found both halves of the Scarab requested by the “old man” in the dungeon, Aladdin is now captured by the guards and thrown into the dungeon. A+ to the game developers for keeping the story in order!

Part 5: Having escaped the dungeon and traveled with the “old man” to the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin is now tasked with going into the cave and retrieving the lamp. Although for some reason, for this game, we HAVE to touch some of the statues, even though the movie cave said not to touch anything but the lamp. Again, A+ for sticking to the story.

Part 6: The Cave of Wonders is collapsing because forbidden treasure was touched. Can Aladdin easily make it through? Well, if you go by this video, then yes.

Part 6 (Fail Cut): This level took me so long to complete and so many failures that I decided to cut them all into a separate video.

Part 7:  After making it through most of the collapsing Cave of Wonders, now we ride Carpet to get the rest of the way out. Only to simultaneously die and win due to what appears to have been a glitch.



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