Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We are a few buds in Los Angeles who like making music and want to make the world a better place!
How did you come together to form Trapdoor Social?
Merritt and I met in college, doing environmental studies, and found we had a few things in common. The band started a couple of years later but we have always had a connection to the work we were involved in when we met. In the years since we have met Louie and the other guys… the band is always changing shape. 
What can you tell us about your latest single, “The Lie”?
The Lie is a really fun one because it feels light and sweet and pulls on my emotions but at the core, it is a sad story – sometimes we’re lying when we tell ourselves that “this is gonna be alright”
“The Lie” is part of your second full-length album. What can audiences expect from this set of songs?
Layers of guitars (you’ll hear why we nicknamed Louie “the orca”), hard-hitting drums (Ben was a beast, RIP) and heartfelt songwriting. Hard to describe otherwise but that’s a taste.
You produce solar-powered concerts across the US? What other ways do you promote sustainability while on tour?
Yeah! As well as Sunstock Solar Festival, which was a whole solar-powered festival in LA for the last three years. Besides that, we try to create art that has a message. Merritt and I wondered when we started the band why the protest song seemed like such a thing of the past. We believe there are important messages out there that need to be given voice.
You just came off of a European tour in support of the B-52s. What was that experience like?
That was EXCELLENT. The B’s are nice folks, great crew, incredible venues, beautiful cities, wonderful crowds… we had a really good time. We are grateful to have had the opportunity and can’t wait for the next one!
What’s next for Trapdoor Social?
Great question. These days, mostly just writing and finding our way forward. We haven’t toured much lately (besides the above) and we really miss our friends and fans around the US. Hopefully, we’ll get back out there soon.
What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?
Yeah – play, play, play. Whether you do it professionally or not, the time you put in corresponds to the reward you’ll get out of it. Also, come to LA and write with me
What would you tell people who don’t believe that they can make a difference in the environment?
I think we maybe don’t have the luxury of that kind of attitude anymore. Our legacy on this earth will be how we leave it to future generations and acknowledge it or not, there will be billions and billions of them and we just can’t ruin it for all those people – our children and their children. It’s just too important to give up. We have to get up and be part of the change.
What are your lives like outside of music?
Well I do make and sell my own homegrown hot sauce! Check out @UncleSkys “Popular Demand” and hit me up if you wanna get a bottle. Besides that I play ultimate frisbee and Magic: The Gathering, Louie does whatever Louie does (???) and Merritt is writing his novels. As long as we can stay cool here in LA, life is good 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
Easy – @TrapdoorSocial – there is no other band with that oddball name. Thanks for reading! 


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