How did you get your start in music?

My mother was a singer when she was very young and for as long as I can remember myself music was a part of my life. There was always music playing in my room and I was singing constantly. It was just one of those things that you don’t need to explain, It’s just love. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I’m a pop artist for sure!

You had a rough accident a couple of years ago that left you with 2 broken hands. How did that accident push you even more to write music?

This event completely changed my life, I didn’t know how to continue my work, my music after this happened, but once I healed I started writing songs, so many feeling came out, the hurt, frustration, love… and maybe even just the ability to hold a pen and say something. Music for me was always the need to express myself, it comes out in my new material and I’m hoping to never let go of that.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “So Cruel”?

I’m so proud of this single! I wrote it about a guy I met while traveling in the US. An infatuation that didn’t work but left me so fired up with emotion. I’m happy this single came out I think it shows a different side of me too.

Do you have an EP or full-length album on the way?

I’m not aspiring for an EP at the moment, I’m working on songs I want to release and going from one experience to another.


What’s next for your career?

I’m working with an artist called BEMET on my following songs, writing new material as I go and just really enjoying my studio time. Hoping to perform soon with my tracks too.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Always tell yourself why you are doing this.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Fun, full of energy but also everyday life. I work as an office manager to pay the bills 🙂

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