Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Hello, we’re an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA called Raised on TV. Keaton is the guitarist and lead singer and Kacey is the drummer. Keaton and Kacey are brothers, from the same mother. 
Was a career in music always in the cards for you three or did it just morph into that?
It wasn’t always in the cards, but it frequently was. A career in the arts was definitely always in the cards, but music was what that art form morphed into I guess you could say. When Raised on TV came together, that project just felt right. It had all the important pieces to make it a career. 
How would you describe your musical style? 
Our style is very rooted in the alternative rock of the 90s mixed with the psychedelic rock of the 60s. A big emphasis on well written and crafted songs, with catchy melodies. It’s also very guitar driven. It’s dreamy, it’s rock, it’s pop, it’s indie, it’s alternative, all mixed up together. We used to describe our sound by saying “imagine the musical love child of Weezer and Jimi Hendrix.”  While that’s not completely accurate, it’s not too far off the mark either. 
How have you evolved as a band since your debut album, “Season 1”? 
I’d say we’ve branched out more as far as the subject material in our songwriting.  Season 2 is a little more mature maybe.  The songwriting has also become more collaborative. We’ve also toured and played a whole bunch more, which has definitely given our band more grit and more character. 
What can audiences expect from your next album, “Season 2”?
Audiences can expect an album that’s more polished than the first, hopefully in a good way. It won’t have the rawness that Season 1 had, but that’s because we took more time with the production of this album, and spent more money as well. Season 1 was mostly what we could bang out three days in the studio together for as cheap as possible. So, it has this live feel to it, which is cool in a gritty sort of way. Season 2 is a true studio album, and we feel like it’s our best work so far. 
The lead single, “Soul on Fire” deals with life in the digital age and disconnecting from the internet and everything that comes with it. Have you guys ever just disconnected for a day or two and, if so, what did you do with all that free time? 
Yes, definitely! Although it’s really difficult these days. During our last tour, “The Off the Couch Summer Tour”, we had no service while camping in New Mexico so we had no choice but to disconnect for a few days. We ended taking a 10-mile hike to these amazing hot springs in the Santa Fe National Forest. That was a truly incredible place. Time well spent! I almost forgot about my phone, almost. 
What was the experience like at your “The Off The Couch Summer Tour of 2019”?
The experience at those shows was amazing!! It was electric, and we felt alive! We met so many cool people in all the cities that we played (20 cities in 35 days.) It was so gratifying getting to meet people that came out to see us because they genuinely enjoyed our music. We met this one couple in Taos NM who was celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary and they wanted to see us live. We couldn’t believe it. Their favorite song of ours is our song “Big Sur” which is off Season 1. We played it for them, twice. 
We really felt like we were making friends everywhere we went, and that our music was connecting with people that didn’t know us at all. That was also extremely cool and rewarding. In most of the cities, we hung out and partied with the crowd that was there all night! We can’t wait to get back to all those places! 
What’s next for Raised on TV?
Currently, we’re preparing the release of our second album, Season 2, getting all the songs properly mixed and mastered. We also have some more tours that we’re planning. One in November that will be for about ten days around the western US. Beyond that, working on a lot of new material and planning some new video shoots. 
What TV shows did you guys grow up on?
Many! The Simpsons, Southpark, Happy Days, I Love Lucy, Family Guy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Doug, Married with Children, The Wonder Years, The Drew Carey Show, That 70s Show
What are your lives like outside of music?
Kacey likes to surf whenever he is able to. Keaton and Kacey both work day jobs to support the music dream. Keaton works as a substitute teacher (real life School of Rock.) Keaton also dabbles with some comedy projects.  Kacey works at various restaurants.
Let the readers know where to find you online.
All the streaming sites! Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud also…   On the social sites- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Raisedontv  


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