Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a passionate creative who is obsessed with travelling – exploring the world and understanding new cultures and languages. I speak French fluently, German and Italian intermediately and also studied Greek at University. I have lived in California, France and all over England. I believe that understanding other cultures and languages is the key to peaceful humanity.

I use music to express myself. I have a lot of energy! My writing is always about real events or issues personal to me but with a positive message, no matter how dark the lyrics get! I hope for people to relate and to motivate them through the darkness.

I am a workaholic but also love going out with friends. I am lucky to have some of the most amazing friends and without them, I would be nothing.

You have a background in musical theatre, modeling, and acting. What led you to start a music career?

My favorite part of musical theatre was always singing class. I have been singing my lungs out since I was 9 but didn’t know I could sing until my choir teacher pointed it out at elementary school. I was always interested in psychology, which sparked my interest in acting. I could really become other people and understand them better in the process. I really enjoyed dissecting characters and getting into their world.

Modelling I fell into but enjoyed it because I saw it similarly to acting, especially when doing couture. Every piece was unique and made a statement. It was my job to make the piece come alive.

I have always sung and have recorded previously with other bands. There just came a time in my life where I wanted to write my own music with my own lyrics, personal to my life story.

How has that background helped you in the music world?

Acting training I feel helps you master delivering a believable performance. I want the audience to believe every word I sing. Modelling makes you learn your camera angles which is essential! My videographer David Bertolami knows all about what I like and what I don’t like and knows what looks good, which makes filming with him a piece of cake!

How would you describe your musical style?

I have been described as soul-pop and indie soul-pop but my roots and inspiration lie in jazz, blues, soul and classic rock.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Morning Bottle” and the video behind it?

The music came from a poem I wrote one morning. I was sitting on the couch of this place I was crashing at in Venice Beach, drinking whiskey by myself, when the lyrics came pouring out my head.

The music is inspired by the terrible people I had met in LA, and my abusive relationship which had ultimately led me to drink excessively and have nowhere to live. The song is about morning drinking but my message is that no matter what happens to you; (in my case – the people, the drink, my ex) –they can’t take who you are away from you. Hence the lyrics in the chorus “You can’t take that away from me”.

Always stay true to yourself and believe in you. This is something people don’t do enough. If you follow this one rule, then you will rise out of the ashes no matter what happens.

I wrote, produced and directed the music video myself. I also had amazing co-director; David Bertolami who is a very talented videographer and editor. We shot the video over 3 days over 6 locations: Venice Beach, Abbott Kinney – Venice, Lotus Motel in Inglewood, Garçons de café wine bar in Downtown, Skid Row streets, and the desert in Twenty Nine Palms.

I wanted the music video to reflect the lyrics of the song; to really tell the story about all the fake, flakey people I have met since I’ve lived in LA. I also wanted the music video to portray my living situation; living out a suitcase at no fixed abode, drinking to get through my struggles. The desert and the open road was my happy place. Being in such a beautiful deserted location gave me a sense of freedom and power, hence why I wanted that to feature heavily throughout the video to those lyrics; “You can’t take that away from me.”

My acoustic video for ‘Morning Bottle’ was filmed in Hybrid Studios, Orange County which is a great place to film. It’s spacious, atmospheric and has a beautiful grand piano.

I was truly honored to have talented pianist; Wilson Charles FKA Charlie Prince play on my track. He’s an incredible pianist where the piano is just like an extension of his body! He has been on tour with the likes of Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Demi Lovato and MJ Immortal.

Might there be an EP or full-length album on the way?

I am working on a full-length album but am also looking at releasing an EP.

What’s next for your career?

Really focusing on getting this album done. Looking forward to releasing my second song which has a very interesting music video – filmed across 11 locations in 2 different countries.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

You’re going to get a lot of people that tell you you can’t do it or that there’s too much competition out there. Don’t listen to them. Keep doing it, keep believing and keep pushing yourself to come up with new and exciting content. Work on something creative every day and don’t let life’s burdens drag you down.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Currently- my life is music! I am always in-studio or writing. I still act for TV/film out here and have recently produced and acted in a short featuring well-known British Comedians back home in the UK, but my music has definitely taken that front seat! Outside of this, I am always on a plane travelling for gigs/meetings.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

My Youtube channel – Jenny JAM







Spotify/Apple/all major streaming platforms: Jenny JAM


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