Welcome back, Bree! What have you been up to since our last chat?

Thank you so much for chatting with me again! I have been insanely busy since we last spoke. I re-branded behind the scenes to get back into my country music roots. I started writing country music in high school/college but never released anything that I wrote. Then a couple of years ago I got started on a journey releasing pop music, which I loved, but as I have been growing as an individual and as an artist I decided that I want to represent myself as authentically as possible and pop music just didn’t feel as true to who I am as a more country-pop sound does. So that meant lots of songwriting, recording and planning behind the scenes over the past year and I have now released 2 country singles and am extremely proud of them.

How does it feel to be nominated for Mississauga’s Best New Artist Award?

It is honestly such an honour to be nominated! To be supported by your community is SO vital as an independent artist and it means so much to me to be recognized with a nomination and it would be an even bigger honour to win the award on September 27th. I am looking forward to attending the awards with my family and the other talented nominee’s to find out who all the winners are for the Mississauga Music Awards. 

What did you think of the response to your single from earlier this summer called, “Turn It Up”?

The response to my debut country single “Turn It Up” was absolutely amazing. I was overwhelmed with all the support and kind words I was getting and still get from fans. It really means a lot to me to see the hard work that I am putting in being recognized and acknowledged. As an artist, creating music and people really responding to it in such a positive way is really what it’s all about and I am so glad people love the song and are having fun with it! “Turn It Up” is so different from anything I have done musically in the past and it was a real risk releasing something so unique to the traditional country music being released today, but I just knew that this song was special and I am so glad fans have been agreeing. 

How much fun did you have dancing through Kensington Market for the video?

It was a blast! I have never done anything like that before so it was challenging at first but once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun. We shot the entire video in 1 take so to get to that point took a lot of practice and rehearsing before we got that final take. As you can see in the video there are SO many things going on in the background and it is easy to get distracted. At one point a garbage truck pulled up mid-filming so we had to stop, wait and start over. Things like that happen though and you roll with the punches but it makes the journey all that more fun and exciting. 

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Drive”?

I am SO excited about this single because it is such a FUN song. I absolutely loved every minute of the creation of this song and the music video. “Drive” is a feel-good, fun, road trip song that is about escaping your day-to-day life and its stresses and anxieties and just getting in your car with no real destination in mind and having fun with your friends. I really wanted this song and music video to let people feel like they can escape from whatever they are going through and truly enjoy the blissful magic that is life. We get so caught up in our daily lives and forget to breathe, have fun and just LIVE so that’s what I wanted people to feel when listening to this song.  

The video for “Drive” was just released. Take us through that video and the filming of it.

The video for “Drive” was released on Friday, September 20th, 2019 and it’s already got over 20,000 videos in just a few days and I am absolutely FLOORED by the support we got on it and so quickly. I had fans messaging me and showing their support sharing and watching the video and it meant so much to me to get such love on a video we worked so hard on. 

The filming process was a lot of fun! I got to drive a Mustang convertible for the first time in my life AND in my favourite place on earth – California, which was its own dream come true. I have wanted to drive a mustang convertible in California since I was a little girl so it was amazing to drive one in a music video for a song I truly love and enjoy listening to. Since the song is a road trip song – it needed to have scenic locations and California is one of my favourite places and was part of the inspiration for the song when we started writing it so it was such a perfect fit for the video. I think the fact that the locations we chose are so beautiful and inspirational themselves, is a huge part of why people are enjoying the video and watching it over and over. Not only is there so much to see, but the song combined with the California landscapes helps people escape and have fun in a way that I imagined when we wrote the song – it even takes me back and makes me wish I was still there haha!

What went into your decision to go from more of a pop sound to country?  

Honestly, it was a lot of soul-searching and getting back to my roots. We all have a journey in life that we go through and as much as I love pop music, (and still have a finished un-released pop song that I may release at some point in the future) I just felt like country felt more like home to me. I always listen to country radio when I am driving and it takes me back to happy memories of my childhood and I just feel so calm listening to country music. I felt like as a storyteller, and someone who really focuses on lyrics in a song, I can connect better to my audience as a country artist and it felt more true to who I am. 

What’s next for your career from here?

I am finishing recording a couple more songs for a new album that I want to release in the new year – a country album of course. We are planning a music video for the single we are promoting off the album as well that we will work on this fall and I am booking more shows for the new year too. 

Are there any artists out there that you’re interested in collaborating with?

There are so many talented artists that I would love to collaborate with! I am always open to writing and working with other artists but my dream list would be: Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Brett Kissel, Luke Combs, Maren Morris and I am loving Tenille Townes. I am also a huge fan of Emily Weisband’s writing and voice and a huge dream of mine would be to write and collaborate with her – I just love her personality too and want to be her friend! 

Let the readers know where to find you online.

They can follow me on instagram for daily updates on me and what I’m doing @breetaylorofficial That is the best place to connect with me. I also post-show updates on my website at www.breetaylor.com 

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