Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a singer-songwriter based in San Jose, California. I enjoy the simple things in life – good food, a walk with my dog in the park, a good movie. I am still very new in the music industry, there are countless things that I need to learn and experience before I can say much about the industry as a whole. I am a quick learner, and I am ambitious and have a strong drive and determination, and I am always trying to do my best in everything I do – I guess that also makes me quite competitive. I hope to use my music to make a small tangible positive difference in society by sharing a positive vibe and by connecting people. I see music as a tool with utility beyond entertainment – music possesses powerful utilities of its own – it can heal, spread love and reconnect us in this divided world. And music needs no translation. I guess that utopian ideal makes me a dreamer, doesn’t it?

You realized your passion for music writing while doing corporate work. What made you decide to take a chance and start your music career?

I am a believer of the saying that “things happen for a reason”. My transition to music was as unexpected as it was inevitable. I have always loved singing and always loved music. I was working on a health and wellness project, with the task of translating the science behind many of the latest innovations into a format that most people would understand. The team I was leading started working on multi-media platforms, which inevitably included some music, and I found that the musical bit of the work came so easily and naturally to me. So I thought why not take it to the next level. My life journey has always been an interesting ride, and it has led me to where I am today. Of course, I do look back and wonder just how everything might have been, but I usually realize that everything was meant to be and that when one door closes, another opens, and step by step, we move on to where we are, and hopefully to a better place.

How would you describe your musical style?

Oh – I always get asked this and it is not that easy to answer. You see, when I write my songs, I don’t think of any template or style to follow; I just let my thoughts and emotions flow without restriction. Then, as I develop the melody, I think about what type of music would fit the lyrics, the emotion and the story embedded in the song. This means you will find a sprinkling of everything in my music, from jazz and Motown, to soft rock and pop. Generally, I tend towards instrumentally rich and interesting tunes which I think suit my voice and singing style. This makes it hard for me to label and define myself within a specific genre. Add to that my voice, my accent, and my style, and I think you get quite a unique and authentic cross-genre sound.

How have you evolved since your debut EP in 2018?

My self-titled EP was an experiment. I literally had zero experience and had just started writing music. Therefore, like many beginners, I tried to make everything simple and basic so that I could understand the sound elements better and slowly study them at a deeper level. I still had to understand the basis of everything and how all elements complement each other to create a balanced piece. My debut EP helped me to grasp these concepts, the feel, and understanding that comes with creativity, and brought me the confidence to go further and dive deeper into more complex and richer music and songs. I started to challenge myself more and set higher goals for my next work. From here it sparked the idea of my first album “Unbreakable” which is a bit more complex both in songwriting and story-telling.

The experiences I got from making my first EP has made me understand more about various instruments and styles, sound elements and how making a good song is all about putting everything together in a coherent and balanced manner. I think I have grown in a technical perspective, in that sense. Of course, every song I write is good practice, and a constant learning process adding a bit more experience to the journey. Like everything we do, we get better, stronger and wiser with exposure and experience. My experience has guided me to grow as a songwriter, an artist, and a musician.

I think I am also growing as a story-teller. I am learning to be more diverse, more open, and explore emotions and ideas better. This takes some getting used to – imagine sharing your emotions with thousands of people – and opening yourself to judgment. You need to be brave to be an artist; I can say that.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Without You”?

Dejhare - Without You (Official Music Video)

“Without You” was a song that I wrote based on the grief and tragedy I experienced losing my late grandmother who raised me. She was like a mother to me and I lost her when I was 17. It was a devastating moment for me and every word I wrote in the song describes the emotions and feelings I had during that time. And of course, the lyrics were written to be relatable to listeners and can be interpreted within any context. The song is about the loneliness and emptiness we feel when we lose someone very close and dear to us – you become conscious of every minute and every hour within which you feel their absence and the emptiness of loss.

Your debut album, “Unbreakable” will be out soon. What can audiences expect from this set of songs?

Unbreakable is my first full album and it strongly defines who I am – my sound, my ideas, and even my feelings. It has a bit of every flavor as I love diversity and exploration, and fans will get a cross-genre package which allows them to experience various vibes including pop, jazz, soft rock, retro, dance and Motown among others. Fans can expect a variety of sounds, a variety of ideas, and the depth and honesty that identifies all my songs.

Do you have any live shows in the works?

Oh yes! I am very excited to perform on the stage and I am getting things ready for this. I do not have any dates yet, but I am probably looking at a few shows before the end of the year. I plan to start slowly, in my local neighborhood of NorCal, and then in California as a whole before I go further out. I will keep you guys updated, and hopefully, have you guys come to see me perform!

What’s next for your career?

I’d like to constantly grow and improve as an artist, singer, and songwriter. I am writing so much new material, and in fact, I cannot wait to be in the studio again for my second album. I am also working a lot on international collaborations, writing more songs for other artists. I am also working on visual productions – learning my way through that learning curve. So I am keeping busy – very busy, in fact. My long term goal is to be an accomplished songwriter and producer as well as getting my own label and entertainment company established.

What advice would you have for aspiring singer/songwriters/producers?

My advice is to just follow their dream and just do it, and not to let doubts, fear, hesitation and any form of negativity stop them from trying. Life is too short and the least we should do is to fight for our dreams and do things that we love and are passionate about. Trying to make something happen is the best “gift” you can give to yourself. There is no failure in trying, the real failure is in not trying at all.

What’s your life like outside of music?

I wish I had more time to travel and see the world. But beyond all this music stuff, I am looking forward to doing some traveling this year, and some exploring. And of course, there is always my family and friends. And then there is my pets! Those furry guys keep me busy every minute that I am not working. Other than that, cooking a favorite dish, baking, exploring new foods (I am a foodie), and being outside among beautiful scenery taking in the wonder of nature – that is what I do outside of music. I am just a regular person living a very normal life.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Readers can find me online at my website or on social media at:


Instagram: @dejharemusic

Facebook: @Dejhare



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