Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a single mother of four children. This role as a mother, fuels all my other avatars. I am an inspirational speaker, international best-selling author, and women’s empowerment coach committed to helping women find their strength. After braving immigration to Canada and surviving thyroid cancer, I understand adversity. Despite the lemons that life handed me, I dug deep and found resilience. Today, I empower other women to become their own North Stars. Through my three mediums – speaking, writing, and coaching – I relate to women who are feeling defeated. I am able to motivate women to cultivate their inner strength and believe in themselves. My mission is to foster a culture that supports compassion, diversity, equality and generosity. I am committed to helping women experience freedom from their past, freedom of self-expression and the freedom to create the life that they love. 
What can you tell us about your memoir, “The Second Wife”? 
The Second Wife is a story of my own lived experiences. The book is meant to give people hope. Even though there are parts that are heart-breaking, the ending is powerful and liberating. It contains some truths and solutions that would serve anyone. It showcases the results of choosing a comeback over any setback. This book is a road map for those women dealing with adversity in their lives. 
What do you hope readers take away from this book? 
The biggest take away for my readers is the understanding that we have the choice and the power to turn our lives around. We have the power to shift from being a victim to a survivor. If I could overcome such adversities in my life, so can they. It is not okay to be abused. It is not okay to be silent and expect someone else to change the world. I wish for the readers to not just be touched, moved and inspired. My intention is that they may be able to practice some of the tools provided to empower themselves and transform their lives. 
What led you to share your story in the book? 
My children are my biggest motivation. They had witnessed me as weak and dis-empowered. I would live in fear that my children would become complacent about abuse and see it as a normal way of life. In sharing my story, I got my power back. I wanted to leave a legacy behind for my children. They now see me as someone who flipped the narrative of her story and took charge of her life. They know that it is not okay not only to abuse but to be abused or even silently witness someone else being abused. In fact, in sharing my story in the book they are witness to my stand for the many women who suffer abuse in silence. Not only have I empowered myself, but I am also now committed to empowering others who are silently suffering like I was. 
What would you want to say to people who are facing emotional abuse? 
You are not alone. It is okay to reach out for help. 
What advice would you have for aspiring authors? 
It is important to write our story, our story may just have the road map to a breakthrough that somebody else could have in their lives to transform it. Writing is a service to mankind. It educates the mind and elevates the spirit of both the writer and readers. 
Do you have any other pieces of your life that you’d like to share in a future book? 
Yes, my book as a cancer survivor is going to illustrate a life-altering phase of my journey. Cancer was my cure from living a life of abuse. I intend to share my response to cancer when I was diagnosed with it, to what I did to overcome the disease. That’s one of my future book plans. 
What’s your life like outside of writing/motivational speaking? 
My life outside of writing and motivational speaking is the life of a busy mother who lives the daily routine of four other lives – her children. So I pretty much live five days in one! I have a very busy schedule rushing through cooking and chores, picking and dropping my children to schools and other activities. I help my children with their homework and love doing that. I was a school teacher before and miss that! I begin very early, with meditation, surrendering my day to the Creator of all that is. I end my day in gratitude to Him for all that I have in my life. Between these two moments, I live my purpose of being in service to my children first, and then to those around me. I also call my parents in India every single day. Listening to my father’s voice comforts me. Occasionally, I steal time from my routine and spend it with some very close friends. I am blessed to have them. Sometimes I treat myself to a good mani-pedicure at the salon next door! 
Let the readers know where to find you online. 
You can find me on I am also present on various social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook, instagram, twitter and YouTube as shirinariff.


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