Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I currently live and work in Victoria, BC, where I have been residing for close to five years now. I grew up in California and spent many years in Montreal before relocating to the West Coast.

How did you get your start in music?

I grew up in a pretty musical family so there was a lot of access to it growing up. I started playing drums when I was a little kid and shifted towards the guitar in my teens. Later I started performing when I was in my mid-twenties while living in Montreal.  Being part of the musical community there was a real eye-opener – seeing how other artists were making this a very real part of their lives inspired me to take a shot at it myself.

How would you describe your musical style?

I guess it’s always rooted in folk or pop music but takes on many different influences as I tend to be drawn towards certain sounds or genres until I get bored and then head in a different direction.

What led to you finally recording under your own name?

After fronting a couple of different projects I realized that I wanted to have one name I could play under while being able to rotate the other people involved. So, it’s a solo project in one way but my music is always quite collaborative by nature.  I guess I wanted a steady name to work under while also always keeping the door open for the project to change and develop over time.
What can you tell us about your latest single, “Love Like Mine”?

It seems to be one of the songs that sticks with people the most so far since I started touring this record. The title of the record actually came from this song so, in a way, I think of it as the title track or perhaps centerpiece to the record.

What can audiences expect from your latest album called, “The Healing Day”?

The record was produced by Jonas Bonnetta at his studio Port William Sound in Ontario. I think he played a pretty crucial role in the overall shape and sound of the album. We worked together just the two of us on about eighty percent of this record and then brought in a few musicians to help finish with finishing touches, strings, horns etc. I didn’t demo any of these songs with a band beforehand so we were coming up with all the arrangements while recording, which is something new for me.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Don’t compare yourself to others. I guess that’s something that applies to everything in life but to me is very important to remember when approaching art and creating art.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Pretty typical, I suppose. To be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about the next project even when I’m not working but I am trying harder these days to give myself more space from music in hopes of a healthier balance. I try to spend a lot of time with loved ones and lately I’ve been trying to read more books and get off the internet.

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