After making it through the maze of a riverbed, Flik must now defeat the bird that is circling in order to continue.

Having made it to the city, now Flik must continue on in hopes of finding a set of “warriors” that can help him defeat the grasshoppers.

This is the extended completionist version of Little Ant, Big City.

Having found a few of the so-called “Warriors”, Flik now must navigate the rest of the city to find the other three.

Extended completionist cut.

Time for another of what this game considers a boss battle. This time against a giant horsefly in a rolling tin can. Try not to get dizzy.

Having gotten the troupe back to the colony, time is short before the grasshoppers return. Flik has a plan. Build a fake bird to scare the grasshoppers! Now just to find the parts and assemble it…

Completionist cut.


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