The first bit of our Army Men Air Combat playthrough on N64 have arrived! Check out the first 5 parts here!

Plastic Pandemonium (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #1)

Part 1: Starting yet another new game. I think I might focus on the Army Men series for a little bit. This is Air Combat, also known as Air Attack (depending on the version you have). The evil tan army is on the move. Take the fight to the skies in plastic toy helicopters.

Going Car-razy (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #2)

Part 2: The evil Plastro is trying to move plastic around to supply his armies. Your objective? Destroy the garages where his supplies are before 15 cars make it through the portal.

The Train That Could (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #3)

Part 3: Having destroyed Plastro’s supply lines, the Green Army is now moving a new battle tank to help in the fight. However, a Tan helicopter has stolen the battery for the train. It must be taken out and the train safely escorted to the Green base.

Tan Terror-tory (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #4)

Part 4: The evil Tan army has started their own Ace Helicopter Squadron. Now that we have our new battle tank, it’s time to take the fight to the Tan and destroy the hangers and show them that their new squadron isn’t worth the plastic it is made out of.

Bug Bath (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #5)

Part 5: The evil Plastro has instructed his scientists to round up bugs for bizarre experiments. It is up to us to free the bugs and take out the bunkers holding them.


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