Check out half a dozen parts of our Army Men playthrough all in one convenient article!

Uninvited Guests (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #6)

Part 6: Green bases are under attack. And this time, it is more than just the Tan army. Indigenous Ant forces are also attacking the bases. It is up to us to make sure all green bases stay safe and clear out the Tan bases.

Ants in the Pants (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #7)

Part 7: A green base has discovered the Tan army has a new superweapon. The only problem is, the base has found itself surrounded by anthills. These anthills must be taken out before the superweapon can be recovered and re-appropriated for Green usage.

Saucer Attack (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #8)

Part 8: Having secured the UFO in the last video, now it is time to put it to use. Plastro is rather mad about having his toy taken and has sent multiple waves of his army against Green bases. These bases must be kept safe and the UFO will be a big help (sorta…..).

The Heat Is On (Army Men: Air Combat #9)

Part 9: Plastro’s scientists are working on something evil. But a few wish to defect. So Sarge has gone in to locate and help them escape. It is our job to locate and rescue the escaped scientists then recover Sarge.

The Melting Pot (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #10)

Part 10: The Tan Army is desperate for soldiers. In an effort to fill their ranks back up, the Tans have somehow figured out a way to exert mind control over our Green Army, turning them into loyal Tan soldiers, ready to serve on a Tan super battleship. How this is being done must be uncovered and stopped!

River Rapids Riot (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #11)

Part 11: The evil Tan army is at it again. This time they are attempting to transport a new super toy to use in their fight. This toy must be retrieved and brought into the care of the Green army.

Nighttime Teddy (Army Men: Air Combat Let's Play #12)

Part 12: Having recovered a Teddy Bear in the last video, it seems he is more than ready to get back at the Tan Army. HE HAS LASER EYES!!!! That aside, the objective of this mission is to locate generators for the Green radar array to bring them back online.


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