The first part of our Bomberman Hero playthrough is here. Follow us through Bomber Planet!

Bomber Planet Area 1 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #1)

Part 1: In Bomber Nebula, a new station has suddenly appeared and seems to have attacked the planets of in Bomber Nebula. In what is totally not a copy of Star Wars, Princess Millian escapes the attack on Primus Star, only to be captured. She entrusts her robot with a data disk, telling it to get it to Bomberman. Back on Planet Bomber, Bomberman is basically going through routine training.

Bomber Planet Area 2 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #2)

Part 2: Time for the second area of Planet Bomber and 6 levels plus a boss fight. If you can really call Nitros a boss. Mini boss maybe? Either way, this time we also get levels that feature the first use of the Bomber Marine and the Bomber Jet gear.

Bomber Planet Area 3 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #3)

The last area of Bomber Planet. A few stages are in the way of us and the first real boss fight vs Endol. Unfortunately, Nitro gets away with the princess.


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