The second set of videos in our Bomberman Hero playthrough is here with the Primus Star Area!

Primus Star Area 1 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #4)

Part 1: Having finished all the levels on Planet Bomber, now it is on to Primus Star, although “Star” is left off in the planet name for some reason. 5 new levels to pass through as we make our way to Primus Castle.

Primus Star Area 2 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #5)

Part 2: Time for the second area of Primus Star. Featuring weird rats and strange mannequins. And our second battle with Nitros.

Primus Star Area 3 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #6)

Part 3: Third and final area of Primus Star. Only 3 levels (including the first appearance of the Bomber Copter) before our second actual boss fight, this one against a giant bird named Baruda that apparently has the ability to become bloated at will to fire a laser.

Primus Outtakes (Bomberman Hero)



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