Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m BAYLA! Been living in Montreal, QC all my life. I have a true obsession with melody, and my puppy, Enzo. 

As a child, you were diagnosed with a vocal cord dysfunction and told you would never sing. How does it feel to be able to overcome those grim odds?

When someone tells me I’m unable to do something, it starts a fire in my belly that urges me to prove them wrong. I worked really hard and was able to do just that! I hope it can remind everyone that they can do anything, even if the odds aren’t on their side.

How would you describe your musical style?

I was raised on dancing in my living room to 90’s Radio Pop Music, and listening to my dad’s Fleetwood Mac records. And then as a teenager, bands like Blink-182 were always on repeat. My musical style is Pop, but I definitely pull from these influences!

What was it like to be announced as the winner of the 7th Annual RBC Emerging Musician Program?

When I received the news, I wasn’t expecting it at all! This is an incredible honour and I am so grateful to have been chosen. I recognize that this is a very significant chapter in my journey as an emerging artist.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Monster” and the video behind it?

Monster is inspired by all the bullies and haters I’ve ever come across in life. I like to call it an “F-You anthem”! I had a very vivid visual in mind for the music video, and I’m so glad that we were able to pull it off!

The video is somewhat inspired by Toy Story. Are you a big fan of the films?

The music video definitely has Toy-Story vibes! Fitting, as it’s one of my favourite animated film series. The video is a giant throwback in general — It follows some of the most iconic 90’s kid toys as they come to life to live their most freeing moments. 

What can audiences expect from your performance at Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards Show and Gala on November 23 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre? 

It’s a secret 😉

What’s next for your career?

I’ve been in the studio a lot over the past few months! It’s safe to say that you can expect a lot of new music from me in 2020!

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

The most dad advice ever — You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Galavanting around town looking for the best Vegetarian eats. Also watching baby animal videos on YouTube while cuddling my pooch.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Find me @baylaofficial basically everywhere! 


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