Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

So I’m Beth! I’m from Woking, a town just south of London, UK. When I was a kid I wanted to be a “story writer”, so I wrote lots of stories and novels until I discovered songwriting when I was a teenager. I think that’s why I love country music so much because of the stories involved. I’ve been releasing music as an artist for 3 years now but I’ve been writing songs for other people for longer than that.

How would you describe your musical style?

It’s a fusion of pop music and country storytelling lyrics. I really admire the discipline of Nashville lyric writing and the details in country songs, but I also love the catchy melodies and production you find in pop, so I’m trying to bring the two together.

You are one of the founders of, “Write Like A Girl” which is an organization that spotlights female songwriters. What can you tell us about this organization and why you took the initiative to help create it?

I am! Write Like a Girl is about championing female songwriters and celebrating the way that we write as women. We put on live music showcases and start conversations about women in music – we’re planning on starting a podcast in the new year. It was an idea I’d had for years after waking up to the gender imbalance at industry events I was going to – I’ve been in so many rooms where I’ve been one of only 3 or 4 women. Currently, only 17% of UK songwriters are women, so I wanted to give women a platform to share their songs and stories, and inspire other women in their songwriting. I’m also passionate about women supporting other women, so we try and encourage the artists playing our shows to compliment each other as the night goes along, to model how talented women can recognise each other’s gifts and build each other up without feeling threatened or competitive.

How have you evolved since your debut EP, “Fool”?

I think I’m more comfortable with my identity as an artist and writer. I know what I want my music to say and how I want people to feel when they hear it. I’ve also become more daring and honest in my lyrics, and of course, the sound of the music itself has changed!

You transitioned from a country feel with “Fool” to more mainstream pop in your latest single, “Building Bridges on the Dancefloor”. What went into the decision?

It felt more like me. I realised that I love the storytelling lyrics of country and I’m really proud of my first EP Fool, but I’ve always gravitated towards pop melodies and sounds. I’ve also been writing mostly on piano over the past two years rather than guitar, so it felt natural to transition to a more pop sound but bring the country-style lyrics with me.

“San Francisco” talks about a missed connection. Tell us a little bit about that story.

The song is about an experience I had when I was backpacking in South East Asia where I met someone from San Francisco. We were just friends but there was a moment when we said goodbye where I felt something could have happened, but neither of us acted on it. I wrote the song about looking back on that “almost moment” and accepting that it’s in the past but also wondering what would happen if you had another opportunity. It’s not making any assumptions, just casually saying: “I’ll probably never see you again, but if I’m ever in San Francisco would you care?”

What’s next for your career?

Hopefully lots of exciting things! Next year I have a few singles I want to release, as well as a larger project I’m currently writing for.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Always be yourself – even if for you that means donning a stage persona. Find out what style of music feels like you, what your identity is as a performer, and what you have to say as an artist. If you’re wanting to write for other people rather than be an artist, something that has really helped me more recently is thinking about what I personally bring to the table in a session. How will writing with me bring something valuable to a song? People are more likely to want to work with you if they know what unique skills, vibe or perspective you can offer them.

What’s your life like outside of music?

Very busy! But I love it. I live in London so there’s always something going on, and I have lots of friends here. I freelance 2 days a week for a great charity and lead worship at my church in the city centre. I also love to travel so I try to go on at least one big trip every year – often solo but sometimes with friends!

Let the readers know where to find you online.

I have a shiny new website at where you can actually buy a physical copy of my new single or a postcard of San Francisco.
I’m also on all social media as @bethkeeping – I’m most active on Instagram but use Twitter and Facebook regularly too! Keep in touch!


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