Continuing my Bomberman Hero playthrough, I go through the Katania before meeting the area boss Bolban!

Katania Area 1 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #7)

Part 1: Moving on from Primus Star, we now arrive at the desert and volcano planet Kanatia. Starting off, we jump straight into what appears to be a volcano and have to deal with heat hot enough to actually hurt us just by standing there.

Katania Area 2 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #8)

Part 2: Moving on to the second area in Katania, this is a bit longer of a video than normal due to more levels, with almost half of them having “Death” in the name. Getting through those leads us to our 3rd showdown with Nitros.

Kanatia Area 3 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #9)

Part 3: Last area of Kanatia. We have a lot of riding platforms over a desert, a dark maze full of slugs, a long tunnel with platforms only on the sides, and finally a simple block puzzle before meeting this planet’s boss, Bolban.

Kanatia Outtakes (Bomberman Hero)

Outtakes: Just like the last outtakes video, I went back through my footage and grabbed every cut death I had. Kanatia apparently went a bit easier than Primus did.


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