The latest videos in our Bomberman Hero playthrough take us to the Mazone area with a bunch of new scenery and enemies to take down!

Mazone Area 1 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #10)

Part 1: Next up is what appears to be a frozen/jungle planet named Mazone. First level we meet an interesting creature named Louie. Then we move on to a jungle area, followed by a dive into a frozen lake, before finally ending in a ice cool cave.

Mazone Area 2 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #11)

Part 2: Moving on to the second area of Mazone, we have a snowy area complete with a sled and a jet area. Louie also makes a return

Mazone Area 3 (Bomberman Hero Let's Play #12)

Part 3: Last stop before moving on the to final planet full of bosses. This time we are in a dome where, after a fight with Nitros, we have to locate a few discs. Only to have them stolen by Natia.

Mazone Outtakes (Bomberman Hero)

Outtakes: More outtakes! This time on Mazone. Not as many though


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