Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Where do I begin?! Haha! I’m French Canadian originally from Eastern Quebec but studied theatre in Montreal to then pursue my acting career in Toronto. Some of you may know me as Seelie Queen Amara in Shadowhunters 3B. I play Danika Dubov in V Wars based on Jonathan Maberry’s anthology. 
You found your passion for performing at around 9 years old. What was it at that time that made you want to have a career in the entertainment industry? 
I grew up performing, it came to me very organically. I was a competitive figure skater from 4 to 16 years old as well as a ballet-jazz dancer. I got used to dressing up and performing in front of large crowds at a very young age. As a teen, I remember my brother asking me to tell my crazy stories at family dinners. I had a few in my back pocket ready to go and make everyone laugh. Acting was just an extension of that. I went to theatre camp as a teenager and chased open casting calls and left my small-town home at 17 years old to study theatre in the big city and never looked back. 
How did your time at Dawson College and the CFC’s Acting Conservatory prepare you for your eventual career? 
I don’t think my training at Dawson prepared me for the film/TV hustle. It was a great theatre program, but I already know then I wanted to pursue a film/TV career. I remember graduating with a black and white headshot and a resume with my technical skills on it. Thank god for my first agent who guided me from there on out. CFC, on the other hand, was phenomenal. It put me on the map. It was the perfect entry point into the Toronto scene. I had some amazing mentors there that helped me along. 
You have had roles on prominent shows like, “Reign”, “Killjoys”, “Kim’s Convenience”, and more. What have you learned from being around so many great sets? 
You quickly learn what to do and not to do on big sets. You get to watch established series leads show up and do their work. You learn on set etiquette, disciple, focus, etc. You also see the difference between a period piece, a sci-fi or a half-hour comedy, for example. You only learn from doing it and watching the pros do it. 
What can you tell us about your character Danika Dubov in the recently released Netflix series, “V-Wars”? 
I love Danika so much. I find her so interesting. She’s this high-end realtor who is power-driven, cut-throat and pretty selfish. She’s exposed to the virus, because of Michael Fayne, and turns. However, she isn’t one to freak out but turns the situation to her advantage. Being a vampire only heightens those traits. She’s smart, resourceful and protective. We discover a softer side of her when her relationship with Michael develops throughout the series. They’re definitely each other’s anchor. 
What can audiences expect from V-Wars? 
A suspenseful, raw and tense show grounded in reality that explores social and political issues that are incredibly relevant in today’s world. It’s not what anyone expects. 
Kimberly-Sue Murray
Credit: Dane Clark
You’re also a producer, do you plan on exploring more behind the scenes roles in the future?
I hope so. I can feel it stirring inside. If I go long enough without creating my own content, I can’t help but want to get my hands dirty. There’s something so validating about creating something from start to finish. 
What’s next for your career in 2020? 
I’m currently working on a top-secret video game and I’m having the best time. I’ve also booked my first series lead in a Canadian series premiering in the Spring of 2020. I also have my toes and fingers crossed for a second season of V Wars. 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses? 
If you love what you do and you are passionate, be patient, stay focused and don’t quit. Also, comparing yourself to someone else’s journey will kill your artist, just don’t do it. 
What’s your life like off-set? 
Very mellow. I have a dog, I run a self-tape and audition coaching business, I love traveling, hiking, hanging out with my partner and friends. I’m a homebody and a nester. I read books, listen to podcasts, and I cook for my friends. It’s a good life. 
Let the readers know where to find you online. 
@KSueMurray on Instagram and Twitter.


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