Tell us about yourself.

Hey, I’m Eleri Angharad – I’m a singer/songwriter from Swansea in South Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip, where I performed in Nashville, Chicago, and New York, I draw influences from James Taylor, Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, and Taylor Swift
How did you get into music?
I was always singing from the moment I learned to talk. I was in school plays and Choirs for as long as I can remember and I first picked up a guitar at the age of 13 and have barely put it down since! I started writing songs to help me make sense of things around me and that’s still how I approach songwriting today. 
How would you describe your musical style?
I would say my style is a mixture of country and pop music. I’ve always loved country music and I love how it’s becoming a more modern genre too. 
What can audiences expect from your debut album, “Earthbound” (which is out now)?
My album is fuelled by my passion for Nashville guitar-driven, organic sounds blended with the roots of my Welsh upbringing. Encompassing all of my emotions around relationships, travels, friendships and coming home ‘Earthbound’ is the most honest collection of songs I’ve ever written
What can you tell us about your latest single, “Staircase”?
“Staircase” is all about that moment you catch eyes with someone and your mind goes into overdrive imagining a whole other lifetime set out. It’s about falling incredibly fast for someone you shouldn’t and never knowing whether it’s real or all in your head – spinning round.. and falling down the staircase
What was it like to work with Morris James Blanco of MJ Motion Films on the video?
I absolutely loved filming with Morris from MJ Motion Films, he was really creative and came up with some great shots! I filmed in one of my favourite gig venues – Swansea’s The Hyst which is such a gorgeous space. It was one of the quickest shoots I’ve done as there was so much we could film. Morris actually finished editing it the same day too so I was very impressed. It was a speedy turnaround just before I left for my Italy tour. 
What’s next for you in 2020?
I’ve been writing a lot recently so I’ll definitely be hitting the ground running with releases in 2020. Last year, myself and Naomi Rae (Cardiff based Singer/Songwriter that co-wrote Stronger Stuff from my album) set up an all-female writing collective called SIREN so I’ve been collaborating a lot with other amazing women. Maybe you can expect a few collabs, not sure about another album yet – I just want to keep writing and work out what I want to say next with my music. I’m in talks about another tour next year at the moment but I can’t say too much just yet.. and yes I have a couple of festivals confirmed so far so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements sometime next year! 
What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?
I would say write as much as possible, work with as many other writers as possible and just never stop learning about music and songwriting! It’s such a tough industry so work hard but enjoy every part of the journey too. 
What’s your life like outside of music?
My life does really revolve around music, but I also love cooking and baking – I have my own Vegan food blog on Instagram ‘What Eleri Eats’. I like keeping fit, but definitely don’t get to the gym as much as I would like, and I’m really passionate about travel so touring is great for me! 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
You can find me on my website –


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