Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am my mother’s first child with three siblings from a home filled with love, respect and the best humor money cannot buy!

You wrote your first song at 11. Did you ever think at that point that you’d make a career in music?

My mom would write poems and songs for me and my siblings and would sing us to sleep with them when we were young, rhyming each one to match our moods. It was heavenly. At 11, all I wanted to do was try to emulate that loving talent that my mom has, and sing with her but through my expressions. Through the years of evolving to where I am today, I simply see poems, songs, and music in general to be a channel of expression. I am touched and grateful at how it has spawned into a career.

You put a career in Neuroscience on hold at 18 to pursue your dream. How did you come to make that decision?

I have always been curious and loved the challenge of understanding the logical and scientific reason why and how people act and react the way they do which is how Neuroscience was an initial career path for me. In high school, however, I began channeling those thoughts into poems and rhythms in my mind. Call it a swap of curiosity but I slowly became more passionate about why and how people react to emotions and gradually gravitated to indulging such thoughts to musical expressions in love, all aspects of love. It became inevitable to pursue what evolved into a new passion for music and singing. I was very relieved and thrilled when I finally broke the news to my family, and they were in full support of this change in career with the condition that I promise to pursue my music career with the same undeniable passion I had for Neuroscience.

How would you describe your musical style?

My personality is delicate and deliberate, so my style in music transforms that personality which is commonly expressed in slower vibes and mid-tempo. My voice helps my listener to succumb to their vulnerable self while exploring new emotions. The intention is to make you feel that it is okay to be anything you are comfortable with. The ‘you’ that you yearn to be.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Babe”?

Babe is a song about intimacy with confidence. It is flirtatious and it is an escape into a world of passion and complete abandonment with the one you love without fear, apprehension or caution.

You choreographed the video for “Babe” yourself. Take us through the video and how you came up with such a raw and personal performance.


‘Babe’ is a tease. I am a bit of a tease myself when I am testing my boundaries and confidence with someone I am endeared to. I tried to build the video up from a simple common quest of my boundary to eventually having fun with my partner. The video starts with a brief intro of another song, showing synchronicity and flow before slowly engaging the quest of slow intrusion into the feeling of intimate expressions. The video with the lyrics also touches on escaping into my partner’s world but on my terms until we eventually bond together.

What can audiences expect from your upcoming EP, “Enigma”?

Enigma is a compilation of different love and friendship scenarios – Love, Confusion, Rejection, Vulnerability, Fear, Commitment. All the most common emotions we feel with people we care about and engaging those emotions.

What’s next for your career?

I am very excited about what this year is bringing to the musical world of Taurie! I am wrapping up my second album which will be released this summer. It will be more upbeat and fun, following the electrifying energy that summer brings. A third album is an homage to my mother’s birthplace – Nigeria, a flavor of traditional influence thru NiPop (Nigerian Pop)

We are also looking into some live performance and a bit of touring if the right fit is presented. The media airwaves are also a pleasant target for me to introduce myself to the world as well. It is going to be a lot of fun!

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

I am able to explore this new and exciting world because I have the very strong support of family to guide me and remind me that whatever happens, my family’s love and support will help me pull through. This is the advice I would offer anyone aspiring to start anything this big that they are not familiar with. I would say “be confident in your abilities as a person, but build a strong support system before you begin the journey to the unknown”.

What’s your life like outside of music?

I am a complete goof-ball, a home-buddy, and a meme addict. When I am not immersed in music and songwriting, I am cooking with my family, hanging out with my siblings, being a big sister and role model to them, and watching memes on IG or YouTube with my kid brother who is hilarious!

Let the readers know where to find you online. is available to anyone that wants to know a little more about me.

I also post fun stuff on my IG – @Tauriemusic, and of course, my YouTube channel – Taurie Music.


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