The spiritual successor to the Burnout series is finally here! Find out what we thought in our Dangerous Driving Review!

Release Date April 9, 2019
Genre Racing
Platforms PC/PS4/XBO
Developer Three Fields Entertainment
Price $39.99 USD
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Players 1-6 Players


It has been really tough to find a good arcade racing game these days. There was a time when these games were a dime a dozen, but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting much of a chance with them these days. EA’s Burnout series was one of my favourites, but they haven’t really been too keen on putting out a new entry and instead decided to release a remaster of Burnout Paradise last year. It was better than nothing, but there was still a void. That’s where the original creators of that series who went on to form Three Fields Entertainment sought out to give us something new, yet familiar. That game was Dangerous Driving.

Dangerous Driving
The sense of speed is insane!

Three Fields Entertainment has long been looking to make a spiritual successor to the Burnout series and their first effort, Danger Zone, left a bit to be desired. They then followed that game up with a sequel which is essentially a revamp of Crash Mode which I will be covering in its own full review. That left the rest of the main modes in Burnout like Race, Road Rage, Burning Lap (which is now Shakedown), and Face-Off to appear in their own game. There is even a new mode called Pursuit that requires you to use a police car to wreck a fleeing suspect (or suspects later in the game) before they have a chance to get away. It can get really difficult especially when the second car is added in to wreck them without wrecking yourself.

My favourite mode is clearly Road Rage as it has been in every Burnout game I’ve played. It’s such a simple game mode where you’re just trying to take down x number of opponents in a specified time limit, but there’s something so satisfying about it. It’s not just the same old mode that you remember, though. This time it gets a lot more difficult in the way you have to take out other cars (like smashing them into traffic) in addition to how many you have to take out. 

Dangerous Driving
It’s hard to stay away from the wall when you’re cruising through turns.

My one big gripe with this game is that you have to play a lot of the more mundane events to get to the good ones and it starts to really drag on after a while. This is a problem I have with most racing games these days that pack on the events with little to no reason or reward. I get bored of going through the motions to get to the pay off races that I become disinterested. Races, in particular, are a killer as they’re fairly long and pretty boring to me. You never get too much of a lead so you’re constantly fending off cars. The cool thing is that wreckage from vehicles stays on the track from lap to lap to give you a bit more to think about than you otherwise would. I have a similar issue with Face-Off where I’m either really far ahead or really far behind. There’s no happy medium.

Dangerous Driving contains only a handful of tracks and your only real reward is to get to a different class of car. It’s a very linear progression model and if you can’t finish a specific event, you may be stuck in place for a long time. I think I would have had a much more consistently fun experience had I been able to choose what car class I wanted at any given time and if the Career Mode was a bit less of a slog.

Dangerous Driving
The lighting effects are incrdible.

The game runs fantastic and every crash is incredibly satisfying as you see every spark and piece of your car go flying better than any of the Burnout games in the past. I also liked the ability to use Spotify as in an-game soundtrack instead of using boring stock music like they probably would have had to do. Yes, you can technically do that in any game, but they tailor-made this one to support it while still having all the car-crunching sounds that are music to my ears. The presentation is great!

There is online multiplayer now available in this game with a patch and it’s pretty cool to be able to play this type of a game with other racers online. There’s not really a whole lot of incentive to playing online, but if you’re just looking to blow some time and get some crashes in. It’s great that it’s there. 

I did experience some slight issues such as my car flipping through the air and off the track wildly from a few crashes. It happened about 3 times, but it wasn’t game-breaking so I don’t consider it to be major. Other than that, the game ran pretty smooth for me. All in all I think Three Fields Entertainment did a wonderful job with such a small team, I just wish there was a bit more incentive to keep playing because, as is, it hasn’t kept my attention as much as I’d have hoped.

Dangerous Driving
After my car teleported through some rocks and into the water.

Three Fields Entertainment continues to impress me with how polished they can create games with such a small team. I really enjoyed playing Dangerous Driving and feeling some of that nostalgia I had for a game like Burnout. This game isn’t a perfect one, but they’re definitely on the right track here and I could see this easily becoming a series.

Pros Cons
Brings back the Burnout feel Minor technical issues at times
Online Play/Spotify Integration Some events are a bit long
Massive wrecks!  


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