Tell us a little bit about yourselves. 

Well, we are a Canadian music duo, cruise ship entertainers & engaged couple!  We are currently at home during the 2020 pandemic – keeping busy with social media, songwriting & spending quality time indoors – & our wedding is set for September!

How would you describe your musical style?

Ever-changing! We are both lovers of different types of music; we have been a part of different bands (playing different genres) throughout the 8 years we’ve been together.  But at the moment, we perform as an acoustic duo, so our style is folk-pop with primarily rock & jazz influences.

Lisette, you claim you knew Tyler before he knew you existed. So, how did you get him to notice you?

L- Ah yes! Ty caught my eye in high school, so in my first year at university, I definitely did my best to turn on the charm. Ty used to practice his guitar on the window sill outside of the student lounge area, & I still remember always hoping to sit with him between classes so we could spend time together. I wasn’t even sure he liked me back until his friend asked us on a double date. It took us another month to be “Facebook official,” but when Ty finally asked me out in November of 2012 it was a great day!

Has it been easier to write and perform together with the connection you both possess with each other?

Definitely. Performing together and working together has not only strengthened our relationship, but our relationship also strengthens our performance & has a positive impact on our music.  We have a unique process every time we sit down to write.  Each song we’ve written has had a different beginning; whether it was music first, or melody, or even just a short idea for a hook. We tend to write songs together in pieces.  In our spare time, we often slowly build a song until it’s finished, with lyrics often coming last.  It’s fun!  We highly recommend it as an ‘inspirational pass-time’ & this pressure-free creativity has been the songwriting style that works best for us.
You’ve had multiple cruise contracts with Carnival Cruise Lines at this point. How have those experiences helped you evolve as a duo?

We’ve loved performing on the cruise ships for this very reason. Each day entertaining a different crowd has not only opened us up to new music, but also strengthened our ability as performers, arrangers, and musicians.  For us, physical and mental stamina building has also been a major advantage of performing every day for cruise crowds.  Stage presence & musical versatility are also great skills you develop to keep the audience engaged.  We are so grateful for the experiences we’ve had, on and off the ships, and hope to continue those adventures!

You’ve recently released your debut EP, “Lost At Sea”. What can audiences expect from this set of songs?

We have! And we are so excited to have finally ripped that band-aid off! The four songs on ‘Lost at Sea’ are all written in that acoustic-rock-pop style and feature some big life themes lyrically: happiness, love, mental health & self-discovery. They are feel-good tunes & we hope others can relate to this album, while also enjoying our sound.  We are happy with the musical variety & heart of this album and we look forward to writing more.

What’s next for L&T?

A place & a wedding! It’s been 8 years in the making, and we are proud of our journey as a duo professionally and personally.  Not only are we getting married, but we are looking at all our options for places we want to plant our feet for the time being. Juggling cruise ship work and life on land can be tough, but with large Canadian music cities like Toronto and Vancouver, we are keeping all our options open to consider where we want our music to take us next.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Create create create! The sooner you create content and get it out into this new digital world, the better.  There’s no such thing as wasted time when it comes to building your business (and you are a business!). Second, start branding and marketing those creations as early as you can.  You need to be seen to be heard, so sometimes there’s no replacing live performances when it comes to making connections.  Speak to people: spend quality time engaging with others to make an impact.  Don’t wait for opportunities, seek them out!

What are your lives like outside of music?

We are both huge Rick & Morty fans & can’t wait for the next season!  Between Netflix binges & spending time with family, we also enjoy our favourite pass-times: L=art & T=golf.  Lisette’s favourite colour is Purple; Ty’s favourite is blue.  Like many couples, we love spending quality time together (making dinner dates, watching shows, and sending each other silly GIFs on Facebook messenger). With COVID currently affecting our livelihood, we have ups and downs like everyone. On the whole, though, we find joy in the simple things & make each other happy every day.

Your wedding is scheduled for September 5th of this year. Do you plan on doing an impromptu performance for all your friends and family? 

We do!  We haven’t decided what songs yet, or how long, but we have decided we would love to add a little L&T performance to our special day just for fun!

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Our website is
We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @lisetteandtyler


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