It’s been a weird day for the Xbox brand as it looked like we got the first glimpse of Lockhart before it was even officially announced. That turned out to be true!

Late in the afternoon Brad Sams revealed the Xbox Series S in a YouTube video along with a price…

A little while later Xbox’s official Twitter account confirmed the video along with a $299 US price tag.

Then, WindowsCentral revealed even more details about both of the next-generation Xbox consoles. 

“We can confirm via our sources that the entry-level Xbox Series S will cost $299 at retail, with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option, which Microsoft is planning to push hard via various retailers and a large global rollout. The more powerful Xbox Series X will cost $499, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access financing option. Both consoles will launch on November 10, 2020.”


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