Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 22-year-old British actor from London, now living in New York City. I graduated from Tisch School of the Arts last year and have been working on some exciting TV shows since. I’m also the creator of The Self Series, a platform for young actors to showcase self-created work.

What prompted you to want to become an actress?

I’ve always been fascinated by cinema and theatre and would crave being on stage or screen whenever I went to see a film or play. I started training at a really young age and the first time I got on stage for a recital, I was hooked. There’s such an incomparable thrill to performing, every new show I do I know I’m pursuing the right career for me.

How important was it to have two grandparents in acting in your decision to pursue this career and how have they helped you on your journey?

It was really helpful to have family members understand exactly what I do and why I love it. I always had someone to go to for advice about whatever aspect of the acting world and got to see glimpses of it before I entered it myself. On the flip side, having seen first-hand the struggle of an actor’s unstable work schedule, my parents were very wary of me wanting to pursue acting. Thankfully, they realized when I got older just how serious I was about it and have been incredibly supportive.

How did you ultimately decide to attend the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and leave your home of London, UK?

I had known for years before applying that I wanted to go to Tisch. Drama schools in the UK are separate from universities, and I wanted the best of both worlds with going to Drama school but also getting a university degree. I also was lucky enough to have visited New York a few times growing up, so became very comfortable with the idea of moving here. 

Salomé Robert-Murphy

How has COVID-19 affected your budding career and graduating from NYU?

It was definitely a pretty big roadblock. It was upsetting to end my college career so abruptly, I felt like I missed out on a lot of the resources I was promised. But there was no going back, so I got some perspective and adapted. The world is slowly getting back to normal and more opportunities have been arising for me, and I’m so excited to be back at it.

You created, “The Self Series”. Tell us a little bit about this and why you decided to create your own platform this way.

I felt really stifled having graduated mid-pandemic and needed a creative outlet. I wanted to find a way to stay productive in furthering my acting career and help out my friends in the same situation. The goal was to showcase talent as best I could without needing any added resources, so I came up with the concept of self-written, self-shot monologues, and The Self Series came to be.

What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses?

Start creating for yourself! You never know what doors it could open. In that same vein, connect with as many fellow aspiring actors around you as you can. It’s incredible what a couple of talented friends can come up with.

What’s your life like outside of acting?

I like to keep really busy, I’m definitely an extrovert. I love walking around the city with friends and a coffee, discovering new cute places. I also watch a whole lot of films and tv, usually The Vampire Diaries is my first pick.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

You can find me on Instagram @salomefelicie and keep up with The Self Series on Youtube:


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