What have you been up to since we last spoke?

We’ve been spending a lot of our time writing with our friends over zoom! It’s not the same
as getting together in person but it’s fun to keep the creative juices flowing while hanging out with our pals! We’ve also been putting the final touches on our new record called Can’t Hold the Light which has been a very interesting process! Everyone on the team has been dealing with different experiences right now and I think it reflects in what we’re getting ready to release to the world.

How has COVID-19 affected your career?

Living the past three years as touring musicians we’ve got used to expecting the
unexpected. We thought we were prepared for anything; a global pandemic was
definitely not on that list. We had to cancel an Eastern Canadian tour the day before
we were supposed to leave, and we had a lot of really big opportunities in 2020 that
were cancelled. It was honestly pretty devastating at first.

After a few weeks of adjusting, we realized that we had the time to reflect on what
we’ve done over the past few years and really take it all in. We’ve released two
singles as a precursor to our full-length album and despite not being able to tour like
we’ve become accustomed to, we’ve had some really great commercial success as
both songs have spent time in the Canadian Country top 100 charts. We’ve also
been working on a bunch of things behind the scenes so that we can hit the ground
running when it’s safe to do so again!

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Home is Worth The Blues”?

“Home is Worth the Blues” was written while we were on our Home Routes tour on
the West Coast of Canada in 2019. It was our very first time meeting Blake Reid, who
co-wrote the track with us, and we instantly felt like we had known him forever.
Looking for a place for all of us to write while in Calgary, we ended up booking an old
slaughterhouse that was turned into a jam space, and the whole atmosphere while
writing was pretty inspiring.

All three of us are musicians and we understand the feeling of leaving family to work
and how hard that can be. “Home is Worth the Blues” turned into an
acknowledgment of everyone that works long hours, or away from home to provide
for their family. We would love for it to bring some comfort to people. Know that when
you get to come home and see your family, all the hard work will be worth the

What can audiences expect from your upcoming album “Can’t Hold the Light”?

This new album is a bit more in the vein of what we want our music to sound like.
We’ve always debated on what genre we fit into, and we’ve realized that we don’t
have to pick. Although “Americana” is what we say now, because of the incredible
mix of genres it encompasses, some of the songs sit outside of that. We sing what
we love, regardless of genre, and we hope everyone appreciates that about us. You
can totally expect some real personal stories, hopeful uplifting jams, and of course a
couple of tearjerkers.

You were featured on the CBC special The Story and the Song. What was your
experience like with that?

Doing The Story and the Song was a super fun experience, it was one of our first
times recording remotely. Our producer and co-writer, Chris Kirby lives in Nova Scotia
and we were at home here in Newfoundland. We set up a nice studio space at one of
our houses and dug our heels in to write and record something in a quick time frame.
It was pretty special because we had Chris on Zoom while we were recording and
the same when he got session musicians Ronald Hynes (Upright Bass) and Geoff
Arsenault (Drums) to record at his place. I think we really stretched the limitations for
how studio sessions can work and it’ll definitely help us going forward! I think we also
realized that we have the capability of doing a lot of our own production work at home
and will definitely utilize that for demos and recording in the future.

What’s next for your career?

First up, Atlantic bubble tour! We are trying to stay positive that a small tour may be
able to happen for us this summer, as well as our album release. We’ve waited over
a year to put our new music out, and we don’t want to wait any longer. We’re also
looking into expanding our reach as soon as we’re allowed to travel again.
Be sure to follow our socials to know what our next move will be!!

Let the readers know where to find you online.

You can find us wherever you listen to music! Or through our website
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