There is no better time than your stag party to get all of your old college buddies back together. After all, these are the people you spent most of your time with growing up and thus enjoyed most of your laughter with too. But, what can you do for your stag party? 

More and more people are choosing to go for a stag weekend abroad. However, the issue with this is that not everybody can afford to pay for a holiday abroad. And so you may end up with some of your friends missing out on the occasion. So, why not stay homebound instead? There are lots of great party ideas you can take advantage of and consequently, you will have just as much fun as you would do abroad yet you won’t spend anywhere near as much. 

Read on to discover some of the best stag weekend ideas…

Go to a comedy club

A comedy club is a fantastic idea for any stag party. It is a good way to start the weekend because it will get everybody laughing and having fun. There is no way a comedy act won’t put you in a good mood. This is also a great ice breaker if you have friends going who have never met before i.e. if your college buddies are meeting your work friends.

Brewery Tour

What man doesn’t like a good old pint of beer? Well on a brewery tour this is exactly what you will get. You will get to see how your favourite drink is made and you will get to consume several different types of beer too. What’s not to love?

Go Karting

If you are looking for some fast-paced fun then there is nothing better than go-karting. And everyone knows that men have a competitive side so you will definitely have fun trying to beat everyone else to the post. You should certainly consider pencilling this in as one of your events to do during the day. 

Gel Ball Shooting

Gel blasters can provide a lot of fun, and you can easily get them from the likes of A great way to get everyone active and laughing. 

American Restaurant

You will need to eat some good grub whilst on your stag weekend. Most men love American food. After all, you can’t beat a good burger or a nice piece of steak. Take a look at the reviews on the internet and hunt down a good American restaurant in the area you are choosing to spend your stag do. 

Guided Bar Crawl

This is undoubtedly the best way to make the most of the nightlife of the new city you are visiting. A guided bar crawl ensures you get to visit the best bars in the area. 

Water Park

Unleash the child in you and go wild at a water park. No matter whether you are young or old nobody can deny that they love a trip to the water park. This is an innovative choice of a stag event but one that definitely goes down a treat.

You now have seven fantastic ideas to choose between when organizing your stag weekend. If you opt for any of these then you are bound to give your college buddies a weekend to remember. 


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