It can be extremely frustrating when you can’t find the app you want on the App Store that came with your iOS and Android device. There are countless apps that have been made and then removed from these platforms, leaving users with little choice but to look for ways to install them without the original store. This can be tricky, but you can get apps working on both of these platforms without having to root or jailbreak them, and this article is going to be showing you how to approach this.


It is harder to install an app onto an iPhone without the App Store than it is with an Android device. This is because Apple has worked extremely hard to ensure that their devices are locked down, enabling them to control the standards that apps are made to. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get apps that you want without having to break the rules or use the App Store in the process.

Third-party app stores can be great for this. Amazon has an app store that has been designed to offer an alternative to the native store that you find on your phone. This gives you access to different apps, while also letting you avoid the tyranny of Apple. Alternatively, you can also use the Apple app development suite for this, known as Xcode. You will need an up-to-date Mac computer, and this can be very fiddly, but it can be worth it if you want to be able to install apps on your phone without the App Store getting in the way.


As an open-source project, Android is far more open than Apple. This makes it possible to install apps without using the App Store in a variety of different ways. The option of third-party app stores is still available here, and there are even more for Android than there are for Apple devices. This doesn’t have to stop with options like this, though.

Alongside app stores, you can also find a website that gives you the ability to APK download. APKs are the files that Android uses to package and install apps, and you need only download one and open it to get the process started. Alternatively, you can also use the Android Development suite, or tools like PhoneGap, to add apps to your phone without having to touch the device in question. Options like this can be a little tricky to get used to, but this will still be easier than doing it on an iPhone. Android doesn’t have any app verification process that actually blocks code from being added to your phone, unlike iOS.

As you can see, you can quite easily add apps to your phone without having to use an app store. All of the ideas in this post are tried and tested, providing you with the chance to get started on your app journey right away. Of course, though, you may also want to explore the apps on your store a little bit more to avoid the trouble.


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