The technology of today has improved many areas of our lives, even in areas like sports. Because it has happened so quickly, it has almost become forgettable, but it deserves ot be recognized. The games themselves, the way we are able to enjoy them, how we judge them, and even how we find new talent, have all be positively impacted by technology, without it, sports wouldn’t be how we have to go to love it today. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways technology has improved sport below: 

Better Field Conditions 

Long gone are the days of a bumpy football pitch or dodgy AstroTurf backyard. Athletes used to play on fields in poor condition and got hurt doing so. Now field conditions are better than they have ever been, and are meticulously maintained. It looks as good as a carpet in your home, and athletes certainly appreciate it. These conditions not only enable them to perform better but also make it more enjoyable to watch. 

Better Viewing Experience

There are many pieces of technology that we take for granted in our daily sports viewing. Things like the first down line in football and the score being displayed on the bottom of the television screen are just a couple. These haven’t always been there, and are now very much taken for granted. 

Better Sportwear 

When you think about sportswear such as a football shirt from your favorite team you can be forgiven for presuming that the improvements are all down to design. However, the improvements you see in quality, the material used, and logo designs, are all down to technology and wouldn’t be possible without it. 

Better Scouting Opportunities

Scouting the best talent has always been based on gut feeling and instinct. Now, with the help of technological precision, scouts have an entire sheet of information on how high an athlete can jump, how fast they can run, how accurate their passing is, and more. This can be seen as good and bad for people hoping to be scouted. It could provide opportunities for people who would have otherwise gone under the radar, but it can also prevent others from the chance of improving if the figures don’t speak for them. 

Fantasy Sports

Ok, fantasy sports may be seen as a little bit nerdy, however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Technology has helped this to grow fast and become more and more accurate. The higher accuracy has drawn in even more players and created many teams around the globe. You can say all you like about fantasy sports, but it helps to bring both those who know sports well and those that don’t together to learn sports from the inside out. 

High Definition

The home entertainment technology that is available nowadays has gone wild, but nobody is complaining. Huge 50-plus inch television sets now make an appearance in every living room, and are the main attraction to everyone’s home. You can be sure you will catch every detail of the best boxing fights ever on this piece of technology. With ticket prices been high for many sports, staying on your couch is definitely a preferred option for many people. It has even brought people together to watch big matches or sporting events together to share in the celebrations. 


Sports certainly took a turn for the better when high definition became standard to every TV set. There is always going to be someone with a bigger and better piece of equipment, but now every household can enjoy clear quality from the comfort of their home. It’s even possible to watch high-definition sports on the go on mobiles, tablets, and laptops now. 

Better Video Gaming Experience

Visually stunning and realistic video games such as FIFA have become one of the most played games on the market, with every football fan and gamer always wanting the latest version. Getting to know the teams and players through gaming has opened up sports to a wider audience as learning to understand a sport and the key players is half the battle to getting someone hooked. A better video gaming experience, brought on by advancements in technology has made this possible. 

Better Fitness And Nutrition Tracking 

Ok, so there is nothing wrong with a piece of paper to record someone’s weight, keep track of nutrition, and progress. However, thanks to technology we are able to keep track of so much more. W can now understand how to get the most out of training, see our body composition broken down at home with smart scales rather than needing a full physical from the doctor, record our food so we can see a breakdown of the nutrition it provides, and also see a breakdown of the efforts put into a workout with the help of tools such as smart watches. It has opened up the world of sport and the possibilities it has for promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Easier Ticket Purchasing

You may not know that people used to turn up to the game and not have tickets. They would head up to the booth or scalp a pair in the parking lot. Those days are long gone. Now instead of purchasing in person, any sporting event you want to attend is either available on the team’s official websites or on an official ticketing website. This has revolutionized our ability to go to games and enabled us to choose things such as guaranteed seats, and season tickets. 

Better Equipment

Rubber and wood have been traded for titanium and nylon. It’s no secret that the tools for the job are just as important as the person using them, and the same applies to the equipment an athlete uses. Golf clubs, tennis rackets, astroturf, weights, and gym equipment have all had massive jumps in technological developments. In fact, everything from dry-fit shirts and running trainers to lightweight rackets and specialized boot studs, there has certainly been a natural evolution that has been nothing but great for sports.  

More Information

Want to know what the score is right now? Or want to catch up on the match you missed? No problem, it is now readily available at the click of your finger. It’s as easy as searching on google. Gone are the days are finding out the score in the morning paper, or on the radio. This has turned even casual sports enthusiasts into technology lovers.

We Can Watch More Games

Stuck between which match you want to watch? Well, with the help of technology this is no longer a problem. If you really wanted to, you could watch every single match from every team in every season. No matter who you are, where you are, you can catch every game. Ok, so it may not be the best use of your time to watch every single game, but it’s nice to have the option, right? It also enables you to expand your sports horizon, and watch games that you wouldn’t ordinarily watch. It connects sports fans and gives people the opportunity to catch the game everyone seems to be talking about but you missed. 

Instant Replay

Love it or hate it, instant replay has got to be one of the biggest and most important technological advancements in sports history. It’s down to each individual league and sport to do the right thing and use it. It has now become an important part of sports and helps to ensure the games are fair and ensure the rulings are made with all the information. 


As you can see technology has had a massive impact on the world of sport today. Chance are, as technological innovation progresses, so will the effect it has on sports. Are there any pieces of technology that you think have had an impact and improved sport? Please share some of them in the comments below. 


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