What have you been up to since our last chat in 2019?

Just like other independent artists, I have been navigating the changes of producing and sharing music during the pandemic lockdowns. But I was able to have the time to write so many new songs and not be afraid to try things outside of my norm. I had a lineup of about 4-5 songs that I wrote which were ready to record in the studio. This year so far, I have released two songs “Starting Over” and “And I’m Okay” which are more acoustic, slow, and heartfelt in nature compared to my previous electronic dance tracks. It was a little tricky trying to coordinate studio time and filming time for photoshoots and music videos because of the safety precautions. But it made it all the more rewarding once those projects were completed and released for everyone to see. 

You recently released a single called, “And I’m Okay”. This song was produced by Juno nominated and Polaris Prize-nominated Jason Couse from “The Darcys”. What was it like working with Jason?

He is such a talented individual! It was amazing how he was able to capture the sound and feel that I was going for. We worked together virtually and I would send him a whole mixture of song references that I was inspired by. He was able to take certain elements of those references, whether it was an instrument or effect, and made it something totally creative and original for my song “And I’m Okay”. 

Mauve - And I'm Okay (Official Music Video)

Your next single is called, “Shining Gold”. What can you tell us about this track?

In the age of social media where everyone seems to be spending most of their lives on their phone, it can be easy to get stuck into this position where you are always comparing your life to others. With everyone posting about their glamorous and seemingly perfect lifestyles, it can get difficult to stop that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough. “Shining Gold” is the song that reminds you to put your phone down and embrace the real you. No need for filters or body enhancements, this song is an empowering anthem to celebrate what makes you unique. It was such a pleasure being able to work with an all-female production team in creating this song!

How has COVID-19 affected your career and how have your adjusted because of it?

Even though it’s been really strange not being able to perform any live music or to rehearse for shows with my band, I’ve been finding this as a very beneficial creation period. I have been busy working with my producers on completing new songs. I don’t allow myself to get bored because there are so many opportunities now to move forward and grow as an artist. This can be by spending more time playing guitar, trying different vocal techniques, or forming new melodies on the piano. To keep my mental health in check I found that running has helped a lot. I usually throw on a concert documentary on Netflix and the cardio mixed with the music really helps boost me into a positive mindset!

You have a performance coming up at the Metro Music Launch Party on Friday, September 17 which is also the release date of “Shining Gold”. What can audiences expect from this performance?

This is an exciting festival in support of local artists, local businesses, and the North York community. I will be me and a few other acts there sharing their newest music. I have been doing virtual performances for so long so it is going to be so refreshing to be outside performing with everyone gathered. There is a capacity limit so be sure to get your tickets at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/metro-music-launch-party-for-new-music-tickets-166560642365

How does it feel to break the 1 million plays mark on Spotify?

It is so rewarding to see how far I have come in my music career. This is definitely a big milestone for me and it puts such a big smile on my face seeing all of the different playlists that have added and supported my music. It helps me to see that big picture with all of the efforts and hard work I am putting in to get my music out there. 

Mauve - Starting Over (Official Music Video)

What’s next for your career?

I am so excited to have been awarded the Animated Music Video Project Micro-grant from the Mississauga Arts Council. My upcoming song “Another Life” was chosen for this and I am partnering with a very talented illustrator who was also chosen to create the music video. It is such a cool collaboration! Music videos are so important to promote my music and to animate a vision for my song “Another Life” is exciting and will share my music in a new unique way. 

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