Marvel’s new Guardian of Galaxy Game trailer came out and hit the MCU fans pretty hard. From the catchy 80s theme song to the October 26 game launch announcement, the upcoming adventure game has the potential to keep the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox console owners hooked.

Thanks to the sneak peek trailer, loyal MCU and Guardians of the Galaxy fans have high expectations and are impatient to begin their Galactic journey. So, here’s a behind-the-scenes game breakdown as per what we know about the game through insider information.

Back to the Comic Book Roots

The Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy game makers Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix have put their heart and soul into creating one epic game. It is a game with the opportunity to become a die-hard MCU fan-favorite from the very second it launches on October 26, 2021.

The ultimate game has inspired the game design and title team from the comics instead of live-action movie series. So, it is best to expect neither movie hero faces nor their voices to enjoy your gaming experience as Star-Lord fully. Instead, it is a single-player game with a story-driven and standalone narrative. And these little narratives have been extensively guided by player’s decisions. GOTG game mechanics are similar to other Eidos third-person action games, and it contains just enough RPG elements to make the gameplay more intriguing. They even transferred some of the game elements to one of Marvel’s slot machines. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Marvel has a slot game that lets you play online slots with symbols and from one of their most popular series – Avengers. It’s has a five-reel, three-row setup, with a total of 20-paylines and characters ranging from Iron Man to Captain America.

Familiar Faces, Only One Lead Character

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Game has an original story that is pretty different from the live-action. It has a new and fully-formed narrative. And the best part about the description is that it is free from microtransactions and DLCs. You can only access those game features you will pay for and nothing over and above in simple words. 

The story takes you several years back to a significant galactic war. Like in the comics and the movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy team is led by the Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill. Of course, one could easily hire these would-be heroes for a quick buck. But a silly bet puts them in grave danger of protecting the galaxy and saving it from getting destroyed forever. The only way to do this is by stopping the culprit who has caused a chain of such harmful events. Stay tuned for the upcoming trailers before the game makes it to your consoles in October 2021. 

Taking Your Hero to Unfamiliar Places

Players in the game will be playing as the Star-Lord, a.k.a. Quill. And why not? He is the only human and the heart of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. As Quill, players will be leading the Guardians of the Galaxy team, exploring their relationship with the other team members, and witnessing or resolving the conflicts in the group. In addition, players will be discussing and combating the galaxy alongside their team. From directing their team to boosting their morale, there is a lot for a player to manage regarding social interactions management.

 Overall, Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy game looks fun, will teach players some incredible team dynamics, and will have the best punch-liners to make their day. So, stay tuned to know more about your favourite MCU game already!


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