Release Date October 6, 2021
Genre First-Person Shooter/Action
Platforms XBX/XBS/XBO/PS4/PS5/PC
Developer Ubisoft Milan/Ubisoft Toronto
Price $59.99 US
ESRB Rating Mature
Players 1-2 Players


*A copy of this game was provided by Ubisoft to FYIG for review purposes*

The Far Cry series is one of Ubisoft’s biggest properties and one that I would say arguably isn’t milked quite as much as franchises like Assassin’s Creed seem to be. I enjoyed the last main entry in the series quite a bit back when it was released in 2018 despite the fact that it overstayed its welcome a little bit but I wasn’t as happy with New Dawn which felt like more of a glorified piece of DLC than an actual game. In saying that I was excited to see what Far Cry 6 had to offer in a more tropical setting with a lot of water, a mountainous region to traverse, and an evil dictator to overthrow.

There is a LOT to do in Far Cry 6. When you first jump into the game and actually see the map start to populate with different activities and things to do, it feels a little bit overwhelming. This is the large open world full of animals, militants, allies, vehicles, and more that you’ve become very familiar with if you’ve played a Far Cry game before. You play as Dani Rojas (either as a male or female) and you’ll have a ton of systems to navigate from base-building to weapon-modding to sending guerrilla teams on missions in a very rudimentary way. As much as there is to do, a lot of it can also feel like an afterthought or incredibly repetitive.

Far Cry 6
The lighting in Far Cry 6 looks amazing.

The general idea of the story is that you play as Dani Rojas, a one-man army who is tasked with overthrowing dictator Anton Castillo with the help of a few different groups of Guerilla fighters that you have to attempt to recruit so that they can take back the Caribbean island nation of Yara that is loosely based off of Cuba. Castillo exploits the nation’s outcasts for slave labor to produce the cancer drug Viviro. Castillo got elected on the promise that Viviro would bring wealth back to Yara but he’s keeping that wealth for himself. Even worse, Viviro is made using a poisonous chemical that is killing Yarans in droves. This sets you up to take down Castillo and his military which is sprinkled throughout the island. 

Dani starts to gain new allies as the game progresses and listening to the cutscenes and the different backstories of all the characters were really one of the highlights of the playthrough. You start to care about all these characters quite a bit and some of them can be quite comical at times. For every serious moment, there are missions like the Chicharron missions where you have to accompany Chicharron the rooster on his path of destruction. Speaking of which, you gain new amigos that will accompany you on your journey as you go through the game. Some like Guapo the alligator will be more of an attack amigo while Oluso the panther will use stealth to take out enemies one by one. 

Far Cry 6
Fishing is still a thing.

The general gameplay is pretty simple, you’re attacking bases and checkpoints to capture for your group, Libertad. Most of the actual story missions involve you gaining new allies and taking out Castillo’s lieutenants. In the midst of all this, you’ll be finding intel to see where new points of interest are, gathering materials to upgrade gear and bases, and finding new weapon blueprints or armor. There is so much loot to pick up it becomes a bit too much to deal with at times. With all the stuff that I’ve picked up in this game, I feel like I should have everything at my disposal at this point, but I’m not even close. There’s always more. 

A large part of Far Cry 6 is figuring out what weaponry will be most effective for what you’re about to do. Different types of bullets do different damage to different types of enemies. There are armor-piercing rounds for armored enemies, soft-target rounds for regular enemies, incendiary rounds to combat poisonous enemies, blast rounds to cut through windshields, and poisonous rounds to combat flamethrowers. Of course, this ends up being more suggested than required. There are even unique weapons to find that can’t be modified but have a special combination of perks already equipped. I have an automatic pistol that I used my whole playthrough that would take enemies out with a quick headshot and I could reload the clip so fast it was better than a rifle. There are also resolver weapons like a flamethrower and a sniper that fires explosive rounds. You always have options and you can choose them all on the fly which really helps. 

Far Cry 6
Jellyfish were swimming around while I was doing this mission.

With all of the weaponry at my disposal, I found that the easiest way of taken care of most of the bases I had to take over was to equip my sniper with armor-piercing rounds and a silencer and pick off enemies one by one. I would also use a stealth amigo to take out other soldiers at the same time. This doesn’t work for every mission, sometimes you just have to go in hot and hope that you can survive the battle with some explosives but a good portion can be done silently if you choose to do so. There are Supremo weapons you can obtain if you want to cause some real chaos with things like a missile battery, a pack that launches poison bombs, a pack that gives you an instant self-revive, and more. I liked these weapons but the cooldown on them meant they were only really useful once per mission which really didn’t help me a whole lot. I used the missile battery to take out choppers more often than not. 

I will say that the enemy AI was very inconsistent in my opinion. I could drop somebody right next to an enemy and nothing would happen one time and the next the entire military would be on top of me. I did like the fact that if you had your gun holstered, they wouldn’t necessarily bother you though. I don’t want to be in a firefight every moment I play the game and I felt like I got a break here and there when I didn’t look like a threat. Another thing I liked was the addition of guerrilla paths which allowed me to sneak up on bases or gave me a workbench to modify my weapons while gearing up to take a base down just over the hill. As you upgrade your bases, you can unlock more of these paths and add those aforementioned workbenches. You can even better equip your freedom fighters and have rocket-launching allies around the island to help you out. 

Far Cry 6
You heard him…

At the end of the day, Far Cry 6 is a really fun game when it descends into chaos and you’re using everything at your disposal to take out loads of enemies coming your way. There is an overabundance of content and I really do think it just becomes too rinse and repeat after a little while. Co-op missions, treasure hunts, recruiting new Amigos, crafting more guns, buying more Supremos, adding more vehicles to my bases, chasing unique weapons, finding roosters, fishing, hunting, gathering materials, etc. It all becomes a bit much after a while because none of it feels all that varied. With that being said, there’s a reason I keep going back to it, it’s just plain fun at its best. 

Pros Cons
Beautiful, sprawling game world. An overabundance of missions that rarely have any variety outside of story missions
Good story and fun, quirky characters Inconsistent AI
Lots of weapons, easy to switch on the fly Too much loot, not enough reward


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