You’re about to read 9 of the most helpful phone hacks that will make your life easier and more productive. These are all simple tricks that will save you time and energy. You’ll be able to use these tips daily- from saving battery power to getting through tough meetings with ease!

Disable Notifications

This is one of the simplest phone hacks you can do for instant relief from notifications. Just open up Settings on your phone, go into “Notifications,” and turn off anything that’s bothering you! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Location Tracking

Another simple hack is to disable location tracking on your phone. This can be done in the Settings menu as well, and it’ll help keep your privacy intact. Plus, it can also save you some battery life!

Utilize Voice Technology

Use voice technology to your advantage. Many phones now include features that allow you to use the device hands-free, allowing you more freedom and ease of use. For example, many new cars come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which enables users to make phone calls from their car without needing a handset or hand-free kit for this purpose. Here is a list of ways you can use voice technology to your advantage:

  • Use hands-free mode while driving
  • Make phone calls without having to touch the phone
  • Send text messages using voice commands
  • Access features on the phone using voice commands (such as changing the music or turning on GPS)

Disable Automatic App Updates

You probably have a lot of apps on your phone, and you don’t want them all updating automatically. To disable automatic updates, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn off Updates.

Free Up Memory By Deleting Unused Apps

If your phone is running low on memory, you can delete unused apps. It can also be frustrating having many apps you do not use on your phone. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Under Used Space, you’ll see how much space each app is using. Tap on an app and then tap Delete App.

Get Better Reception In Noisy Areas

There’s nothing worse than being in an area where the reception is poor. It seems you constantly have to step outside of your house, office, or even car just so that call doesn’t go to voicemail before it’s answered. Several tricks and tips are designed specifically for this purpose that comes in handy more often than not. If your phone is an iPhone, you can put it into airplane mode for a few minutes to clear the cache and then restart the phone. This helps with any issues related specifically to your service provider or reception area rather than device-based problems. If this doesn’t help at all, try resetting your network settings by going through Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If your phone is Android, you can try turning off Bluetooth and WiFi when in a poor reception area to see if that helps with the issue at hand. It would help if you also looked into changing your APN settings from LTE/GSM auto to either GSM only or WCDMA preferred, which will change how your device searches for a signal.

Save Battery by Disabling Background Refresh

Background refresh is a feature that keeps apps up-to-date by refreshing their content in the background when you’re not using them. This can use up a lot of battery, so if you don’t need it, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable it for specific apps or altogether.

Optimize Your Photos

One way to optimize your photos is to know how to delete duplicate photos on iphone. This can be a huge inconvenience if you have thousands of photos that are the same. Deleting duplicate photos will save space on your device.

You can also optimize the quality of your phone by knowing how to backup photos and videos on android phones. This process is straightforward; you have to go into settings then click “cloud storage” or something with similar wording. Once you are in this place, it should ask if you want to automatically backup your photos and videos. You can also manually select which folders you would like to back up. This is a crucial step in preserving your memories, especially if something happens to your phone!

Connect Your Phone To A TV

Most people don’t know this, but there are ways to connect your phone to a TV. You can do this by using an HDMI adapter or by mirroring your phone’s screen onto the TV. To use an HDMI adapter, you will need an HDMI cable and an adapter that fits your type of phone. For example, if you have an iPhone, you would need a Lighting HDMI adapter. If you have a Samsung device, the cable type will be different.

Now that you know these phone hacks, you’re ready to take your smartphone experience to the next level. Whether you’re looking to protect your privacy or need some new tips and tricks, these hacks will help you do more with your phone.


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