Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, first-generation Lebanese-Canadian. Went to University there as well. Moved to Vancouver after I graduated to pursue a career in TV and film. Besides acting, I love to play music. I dabble with the piano, guitar, and cello. Love to cook, or maybe it’s that I love to eat… 
How did you first become interested in acting? 
I think the very first time acting really piqued my interest as an art form, was when I watched I Am Sam, with Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Dakota Fanning. I was quite young when I saw it, maybe 11 or 12, and it would be another decade before I actually expressed that I’d like to be an actor. But something about the performances in that movie really made an impression. 
How important was it to finish university before making the move towards an acting career? 
Honestly, I didn’t have any sort of plan to finish school and then go be an actor. It all just happened by accident. I guess I am grateful that I got my degree, and everything worked out well. But I don’t necessarily think that that’s the ‘right way’ to do it. I don’t have any personal experience to compare it to, but I know there are a lot of people who haven’t gotten University degrees who are wildly talented and successful actors. 
What can audiences expect from your character Josep in the 6th and final season of The Expanse? 
In season 5, I felt like Josep was very much a lover and trying to keep the family together at all costs. In season 6, he becomes a little bit more militarized. Hardened, as a result of being caught in the middle of the war with Earth and Marco. It was an exciting evolution for me to play, I’m excited for audiences to see it. 
The Expanse Season 6 - Official Teaser | Prime Video
How different is the approach of the final season of a show? Is it a bit bittersweet? 
It’s definitely bittersweet. I had an incredible experience, I love the character and the story and feel very grateful that I got to be a part of the adventure. Anyone who’s familiar with the books knows there’s a lot more to tell. I’m not so secretly hoping The Expanse will get a second revival. Guess time will tell! 
What can you tell us about your next feature film, “My Fake Boyfriend”? 
My Fake Boyfriend is a romantic comedy with a lot of heart, lots of laughs. It’s about a guy who follows the advice of his best friend and uses social media to keep his awful ex-lover out of his life. But then everything backfires when he meets the real love of his life, and then has to find a way to get rid of his fake boyfriend. It’s going to be a super fun film, the cast is phenomenal, and our director, Rose Troche, was also incredible. I play a restauranteur and chef, he’s a good guy with a big heart. That’s all I can say for now, so you’ll have to stay tuned! 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses?
Take classes, study as much as you can. 
What’s your life like off-set? 
I like to read, play music, cook. One of my favourite things to do is to break bread with friends, with the red wine flowing of course.
Let the readers know where to find you online. 
I’m on Instagram @mr.samersalem and Twitter @SamerSalem8


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