The video gaming community is growing fast, and if you’re not yet a part of it, you’re truly missing out. Beyond the fun and relaxation a video game offers, it also comes with many other benefits, including improving manual skill, focus and increasing your brain’s gray matter. But to enjoy all the health benefits of gaming and give yourself a great playing experience, you need to create a perfect setup. You will find all the tips you need in this article to accomplish just that. 

Get yourself a good chair

If you love gaming, then the chances are you’re going to sit for at least hours. You will need a comfortable chair that’ll offer great support for your back. You can easily put yourself at risk of developing back if you settle with a low-quality plastic chair. You can also invest in a chair with an adjustable height feature to suit your height or that of your desk. Your gaming should be worth more than simply something to sit on. 

Select the right PC

What you will call a perfect PC might depend on how much you can afford. But the most important thing is to choose one specially designed for gaming, or, at least, make sure that the processor is good enough to enjoy a perfect gaming quality. Also, your gaming PC should have a dedicated design card, preventing any form of compromise in your graphics while conveying a smoother outline rate. 

If you prefer playing on a laptop, look for one dedicated to gaming, as they already come with all the specs you’ll need. You have nothing to worry about if you’re using a gaming console besides purchasing your preferred console.

Pick a great monitor

Although you can use most generic monitors, you’ll get better results with a gaming monitor. They’re already equipped to give you better response time, improved colour accuracy, and faster refresh rates. You’ll also need to figure out which panel technology works best for you.

Don’t forget about your lighting needs

Believe it or not, good lighting plays a huge role in your gaming experience and performance. Setting up great lighting solutions for your video game can help create a perfect gaming ambiance. The type of lighting you use should match the feel of the game.

Choose a VPS hosting provider for a game server

You might want to get a good server to help you join the online gaming community, with features that suit you best. While there are several options to choose from, you can also consider getting a cheap VPS in general or one dedicated to gaming. 

Other accessories

Stock PC Setup
Photo credit: Roberto Nickson

Make sure that your mouse offers good traction and your keyboard stays put by placing a pad beneath them. You can also improve your game’s sound quality by mounting speaking on the floor or your desk (if there’s enough space). Also, use a simple cable management solution to keep your cables out of the way. 


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