Hosting a casino party at home is one of the most fun ways to gather your friends together for a social evening. There are a large number of different ways to recreate the fun of a casino without having to worry about spending huge amounts of money on different casino games. We’ve looked at the best tips for setting up your casino party without breaking the bank.

Use online casino games

This might confuse a few people, but the fact remains that online casinos are some of the most useful sites on the market when it comes to providing fun. One of the best things about most of the top online casinos as found on; is that they offer demo modes of the majority of their games.

This means that you can set up any tablets or laptops that you already own to be on different casino sites. This will allow you to provide video slot games to your guests without having to spend any money at all. If you want to provide more than just a few games, you can always ask some of your closer friends if they don’t mind bringing their own tablets or laptops so that you can set up multiple games for people to enjoy.

It’s not just video slots that your guests can enjoy either. The majority of casino table games can also be used at online casinos without having to spend anything. This means that you can offer a huge variety of different casino games before your budget has even been touched. In fact, the only games that don’t offer demo modes are the live dealer titles, which isn’t too big a problem as you can offer them at a low cost yourself.

Buy some cheap game items

This is a great way to boost the casino games that are available to your guests. We don’t mean setting up an Xbox with Game Pass to play Halo on it, we’re going a little bit more retro than that. One of the best ways to get started is with some playing cards. You can even get your hands on some legitimate Vegas cards for a relatively cheap price. If that is a bit too much then you can also use Bicycle cards, which are generally created to the standard expected in a casino.

Once you have these then you will be able to offer both blackjack and baccarat to your guests. If they prefer something a little bit newer, then you can also offer Teen Patti or Andar Bahar. Of course, you might not want to stop at card games though.

While you might not be able to get hold of a casino-quality wheel for this, you can obtain a cheap roulette wheel from a number of different outlets. As this is one of the most popular casino games in the world, it makes complete sense to spend a little of your budget on a roulette wheel.

Once you have a roulette wheel and cards, you will be able to offer all of the most popular casino games without having spent very much. It’s a great start to your casino party, and so far, your budget has pretty much remained intact.

Be sensible with your food

What do you want to offer to your guests? A hog roast? Caviar? Trying to create some of the finest meals ever made? This is not a sensible approach. When you look at most of the casinos in Vegas, their most popular food outlets aren’t their fine dining choices. They are buffet restaurants. When people are gambling, they seldom want to sit down for a five-star meal. They want something quick that they can pick a variety of different foods from. This is why setting up a buffet is definitely the best choice for you and your casino party.

Buffets can sometimes be difficult though. People have different dietary requirements and likes and dislikes. To combat this, you should make sure to ask all of your guests beforehand about any dietary restrictions or dislikes. This will allow you to cater the buffet to your guests’ needs.

Firstly, you won’t be spending lots of money on food that won’t be eaten. This is obviously a large waste and will cause a lot of annoyance. Secondly, you’ll be able to cater the buffet to your own needs as well as your guests. This will ensure you can create roughly the right amount of food that your guests will need, but also that any leftovers can be eaten by you in the days following your casino party.


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