Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you first become interested in acting? 
I don’t think I remember a time when I wasn’t interested in acting. I’ve always wanted to be an actor even when I was a little kid. I was that kid parked in front of the TV with a sweater on my head using it as my wig and putting on a show for my mom’s friends when they came over. It has always been a part of me. I can remember going to go see Les Miz at the Royal Alexander in Toronto. That overture started and as the cast started to filter onto the stage I was on the edge of my seat and thought THAT IS what I want to do. 
What was your experience like in your first professional role after you answered an open call audition for “Mamma Mia”? 
Mamma Mia was all the things to me. It was an amazing experience. I walked into that rehearsal room for the first time. Really not knowing what the heck I was doing and instantly thinking ‘I found my people.’ THIS is what I should have always been doing. It was a bit of a roller coaster because I was so new. Such a fledgling professional actor. Some days it felt like flying and some days it felt like torture but for the most part, it felt like a dream. Getting to be at the Royal Alex where I first saw one of the shows that sparked the fire in me. Instead of watching the actors on stage and saying to my partner that one day I would be on that stage, I was in front of the audience. It was amazing. I would practically float home every day. I learned so much about persevering professionalism, and about my love of this craft in that show. It was a wild ride and it will always hold a special part in my heart. I have friends that are more like family that I have gotten from that show. 
How have you evolved as an actress since that first role? 
Well, when I first started in the business I don’t think I really trusted myself. I knew I had talent, a certain something, a spark. But I was looking for outside sources to tell me that I was doing it “right”. I was always looking to do it right which then sometimes prevented me from doing anything. So once I started to look inward to see if that felt right to me, I started to trust myself and that’s when things started to click for me. Instead of worrying if I got it right,  I now worry about stitching my heart to something trying to find a connection to the story, to the art, which in turn allows me to have way more fun.  When I first started I had fun with the cast, I had a ball. It was like going to college and being on your own for the first time so much fun. The work at times gave me high anxiety, terrible fear of failure. I think I was constantly trying to prove myself.  Now I feel like  I have married the play and fun to the work and it makes me feel freer. 
What can you tell us about your role and experience in the new Peacock series, “Take Note”? 
Take Note is a comedy about a fictionalized tween singing competition. I play Drea Richards, who is the mom of Calvin Richards played by the most talented Braelyn Rankins. Drea is a fierce mama bear kind of a mom. She would do anything for her family.  She is a devoted mom, a devoted wife, a professional, smart, and fun as well. When I first got the audition for Drea, I instantly felt connected to that character. I knew this character. I understood that world. I understood the story and the way that they were going to tell it. When I got the call that I got the show I was overjoyed. I think I cried almost every day out of joy for weeks. From the moment that the cast got into the room, we felt that spark the Richard’s were a family. I am so excited to see that connection on the screen. 
Nadine Whiteman Roden
Photo credit: John Bregar
What’s next for your career beyond “Take Note”? 
I have quite a few projects coming out in 2022. I just wrapped a role on a Hulu series that I’m super excited about. I have three movies coming out – Stolen Hearts starring Sarah Drew, Loving Stalker, and the Swearing Jar. I also did some voices for some animations that I am super stoked about. That was a new medium for me and super fun to do. 
Do you have any shows or movie franchises that you really want to be a part of? 
I would really love to be a part of Grey’s Anatomy or Bridgerton. I love the worlds that Shonda Rhimes creates. I got to tell you also that I have been watching Yellowstone. I would love to be on a show that is physical like that…Ohhh and I would love to play a superhero of some sort. So Marvel if you are listening… Hey, it worked for Simu Liu! 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses? 
I think the biggest advice that I would give to young actors is to make sure you love it, acting that is. It’s an incredible career, being an actor but there are lots of ups and downs, a lot of no’s, a lot of rejection before you get the yes. So you have to love it with your whole being in order to get past those rough patches. Also, I think I would tell younger actors to never stop learning not only about the craft of acting itself but about yourself which I think informs the craft so much. The more that you can learn about yourself, the richer I think that you’re acting will be. 
Let the readers know where to find you online. 
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