If I’m being honest, we take things like Netflix for granted these days. Do you remember the lengths we had to go to, to stream and watch our favorite films or TV shows a few years ago? In the early 2000s, things were very different from a tech perspective. We didn’t have streaming platforms where you pay a monthly fee and have access to as many films and TV shows as you like. 

Instead, what did we have to do? 

Buy DVDs

Some of you might not know what a DVD is, and that’s a painful thing to comprehend. 

Okay, most of you do know, and can you remember when we used to buy or rent DVDs whenever we wanted to watch something? Think about how much space was taken up in our living rooms by endless DVD cases stacked everywhere. It seems crazy to think that this was genuinely one of the best ways to watch things back then. What’s worse is that, if you hated the movie, you couldn’t do anything. With Netflix and other streaming platforms, you can at least turn the film off if you hate it and find something else to watch without wasting your money!

Rely on the TV

Okay, some people do still watch TV these days. There are also some TV shows that are released specifically on TV, so you tune in to watch them every week. But, this used to be the only option we had for watching new things. There were no shows made for streaming services back then; it was all on the telly. 

For movies, you had to pay for a subscription package on cable or satellite. Even so, the films used to not be on-demand, so you had to record them or make sure you tune in at the right time. It’s mad to think how outdated this concept seems, yet it was only around 20 or so years ago, maybe less!

Download torrents

Now, this isn’t something that you’d like to admit in a court of law. Do any of you remember torrenting? Basically, you would go on torrent sites and download films and movies as digital files. You’d need a torrent client for this, and most people would opt for UTorrent. You could pretty much find any of the popular movies and TV shows, and you could download them for free. Torrenting has become less and less popular lately, largely due to the rise in streaming services. But, you can still find the best torrent sites 2022 has to offer if you’re interested in checking them out. 

Downloading torrents was probably the closest thing we had to modern-day streaming in that you could have your own digital catalog of shows and films. The big problem was that it wasn’t legal. Well, downloading torrents is legal, as long as the contents of the files aren’t copyrighted. So, you can go on a torrent site now and download some free software and it would be fine. But, movies and TV shows are technically legal – though that didn’t stop a lot of people from doing this years ago. 

Why did we do it? It was one of the only ways you could watch new TV shows if you weren’t in the country they were released. For example, people living in the UK had no way of watching Breaking Bad when it first came out, so lots of fans would torrent it. 

Why did we stop downloading torrents? Well, aside from the fact we all clearly had guilty consciences, we couldn’t keep downloading things. It would take ages to download an HD film, and then you had gigabytes of TV shows on your various devices and hard drives. There’s also the security risk of downloading a file online – who knows how much malware you accidentally downloaded onto your PC?!

Which streaming services are the best in 2022?

Thankfully, all of these struggles are behind us and we now have a more diverse range of streaming services than ever before. If you had to pick one or two to pay for in 2022, which ones would you choose? 

Netflix is always a good option as it does have such a big collection of original movies and TV shows. However, Disney Plus and HBO Max are both coming in hot. They both have some huge films and TV shows in their ranks – Disney has everything to do with Marvel and Star Wars, while HBO has loads of DC stuff and hit TV shows. 

Realistically, there isn’t a single service that’s the best. Instead, you should pay for whatever service has the best selection each month, canceling the contracts of the streaming platforms you won’t watch. Still, this is far better than trying to watch TV shows and films like we used to!


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