Tell us a little bit about yourself.    

I am an actor, writer, and producer, and I am excited to act in my first play. We premiered BOY vs. FLY on Thursday, July 7th, at 1 pm. It’s really a pinch-me moment. As the dad in BOY vs. FLY says, I am a man of many talents. I’m not so good at catching flies, but I used that to my advantage and wrote BOY vs. FLY. I am fortunate to have found Dean Bean and Boy vs. Fly in my imagination. The initial idea was to write a comedy sketch about catching a fly. I was performing where and when I could, hanging out in the comedy clubs, and meeting comedians, actors, and creators, and I was inspired to keep developing the idea, and I came up with BOY versus FLY. 

What can you tell us about your family play, “Boy vs. Fly”?   

BOY vs. FLY is a comedy/musical. It’s about a young boy named Dean Bean who gets distracted from his goal of making the school team when he tries to catch a fly just like his Dad. Dean Bean wants to be on the school team more than anything until he attempts to harness a superpower for catching flies. Dean’s impulsive nature comes out after meeting a fly he can’t catch, and he ends up in trouble at school. His best friend Johnny C. and Mom and Dad help Dean get back on track. Dean’s antics entertain with a heartfelt lesson. The show will run at the 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival as part of Fringe’s Kidfest program from July 7th – 16th at the St. Vladimir Theatre (620 Spadina Avenue). 

What can audiences expect from the live show? 

It’s a fast-paced and fun play. We have four live songs, with the accompaniment of our Musical Director, Dewi Minden. One of the songs is improvised based on suggestions from the audience. Dani Alon, who plays Dean Bean, wrote an original song and worked it out with Dewi to perform during the show. There is also a lot of trickery from our pesky fly, played by Zohiab Khan. It’s a show with a positive message about learning from a mistake. 

How do you approach acting vs. writing? 

I like to do everything with gusto. Writing and acting require constant work in figuring out what to write or how a character might act. I love doing both and enjoy the challenges they both bring. 

What’s next for your career?   

I graduated from Humber College in Writing and Producing for Film and Television this past April. Once Fringe has wrapped, and I take a little vacation, I am starting a production company called A Dean Bean Adventure, and the idea is to develop content. I have an idea for a Youtube show about my vintage collection and continuing to build on the success of BOY vs. FLY. I have always wanted to make a movie. 

What advice would you have for aspiring creators?   

It took me many years to see creative writing come to life. Self-publishing a book was a great starting point for me. Having the experience with the book helped me have the confidence to believe in the project enough to bring it to Fringe. Follow what you love and look for small victories to keep you on point. To illustrate the point, I did a book tour with BOY versus FLY, and I had an author event at the first bookstore. I sold the most books of all the stores I visited, with 45 different dates. For every one of those events, I expected to sell more, not less, but then I realized that even selling one book was a significant accomplishment. Figure out what success looks like for you. 

What’s your life like outside of the entertainment industry? 

I am a dog owner, and we like to go for walks. I also love vintage. Going to flea markets and garage sales is my favourite past-time. 

Let the readers know where to find you online. 

That would be my honour, @danielbeitchman @boyvsfly


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