Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi!! I’m 17, and I grew up in Toronto. I just graduated from high school and will be going to the University of Toronto in September. I did well academically and want to continue, but my real goal and passion is acting and eventually directing. I did have to juggle school and work during my academic career, and I probably will keep doing it during University. It did get to be a lot sometimes, but I did not want to miss any opportunities. I also have my second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and played competitive volleyball, and landed on Team Ontario. My team went on to win gold. My favorite of all was working on-set. From grade 5 to grade 12, I managed to be on set working every year. It all started when I was in fourth grade, my school was holding auditions to be cast in the “Rockin Tale of Snow White.” I was told that eighth-graders were the only ones allowed to be in the play, but me being an ambitious and annoying fourth grader, I begged the drama teacher to at least let me audition for one of the characters. After much convincing, she let me audition for a small role. I killed the audition, and to my surprise, she asked me if I would like to audition for the role of The Evil Witch. I was cast as The Evil Witch. I was thriving every night I performed.  

How did you first become interested in becoming an actress? 

I always wanted to be an actress, but it is a demanding career that requires support from everyone around you, so I knew that my performances in this play would be my chance to prove to my parents that I could do this. Shortly after, I signed with my first agent.

You’ve been the recurring character Savannah in the popular teen television series “Holly Hobbie.” How did that opportunity come about, and how important has it been for your career? 

Holly Hobbie has been in my life for five years, that is 29 percent of my life. It has been the longest-running job I have had. I am very happy with the way it all happened. I originally auditioned for the role of Amy and then went on to audition for the role of Piper, and then the callbacks for both, which resulted in the final chemistry read where they brought in all the potential actresses. It was a long day. I knew they liked me but couldn’t place me anywhere in the show yet, but I didn’t fit for those roles. So I rolled with the punches, heehee. Well, a week or so later, they offered me a completely different role. In the first season, Savannah was a supporting character, and as the seasons went on, she became a main staple in the show. 

What can audiences expect from Savannah in Season 4 of “Holly Hobbie”? 

Audiences can expect some drama! And potentially a love triangle. New friendships! Inner growth, realizations, and acceptance. All part of the growing up process. 

What can you tell us about your upcoming film, “The Swearing Jar” and your role (due out in Fall 2022)? 

“The Swearing Jar” focuses on Carey (a music teacher at a high school) and her husband’s love and the birth of their child through humour, music, and memories. I play Robin, one of Carey’s music students. Robin is a good student who works hard and is so grateful for her awesome music teacher. Robin is delighted when Carey switches her to drums, something that her parents were not thrilled about. Robin is also seen later in the film at the Dakota Tavern, three years later after she has graduated high school. I had the privilege to sing the song used during the dramatic turning point of the movie. 

You’re due to start studying at the University of Toronto in Fall 2022. What will you be studying? 

Well, this was one of those life decisions that make you think things over and over again. The moment I applied to the University of Toronto, I clicked on the Arts and Sciences program because this program in the first year lets you experiment and take courses that aren’t necessarily in your program. Eventually, I intend to graduate with either a Cinema degree or BioEthics, wait a second, ok maybe both. 

You’ve produced a couple of short films and a feature, do you plan on continuing in behind-the-scenes work, or are you more focused on acting? 

Yes, I have, and it was challenging and very educational. I would love to continue behind-the-scenes work. I would also love to direct one day! 

What’s your life like outside of acting? 

My life outside of acting is pretty fun right now. This summer I am having fun, and well now I’m singing. I am releasing my debut single on July 16th, performing live on July 22nd, and shooting the music video by the end of July. I was looking forward to finishing High School and relaxing for the Summer, but as the Summer got closer, I started to make plans, and the plans began to come to life. 

Let the readers know where to find you online. 

You can follow me on Instagram (@itsathenapark), on Twitter (@itsathenapark), on Tik Tok (@athena.park), on Youtube (@Athena Park), and on Facebook (@Athena Park)


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