What have you been up to since our last interview in March 2021?

So much and yet so little, it seems! The pandemic definitely put a pause on a lot of my plans. However, some highlights include starting up live shows again, a feature at NXNE, and opening for Ron Sexsmith! I’ve also been writing a lot and experimenting with new styles, sounds, and ideas. 

What can you tell us about your upcoming single (July 15th), “Right Thing”?
Right Thing is a little different from my other releases. It consists of almost entirely live instruments to create a warm yet raw sound. My past releases typically relied heavily on polished programming with clean-cut edges, but I knew this wouldn’t be true to the character of ‘Right Thing’. So, I set out to keep the human touch of imperfection. I had to be true to the song, even at the risk of creating something outside the borders of my existing catalogue. 

This song is a bit of a departure from some of your other music. What led to your decision to branch out in this direction?

I’ve been listening to many ranging genres lately, including new and old rock, which I think unconsciously influenced the sound of this release, combining with my usual pop/r&b sounds and landing in this hint of modern blues-rock. 

How integral was producer Craig Smith on this track?

Craig Smith was absolutely an integral part of this track. He is so extremely talented, patient, and creative, and I think his fingerprint can be found in so much of ‘Right Thing’. His studio also has an amazing vibe with beautiful art, sun-streaming windows, and lovely scents of freshly-burned incense! 

You recently opened up for Ron Sexsmith. What was that experience like?

Opening for Ron Sexsmith was one of my career highlights so far. Ron is so genuine, kind, and extremely talented, and I was completely honoured to open for such a Canadian icon. The Stockey Centre is a beautiful venue with amazing acoustics, and the audience gave such warm and encouraging feedback. A big thank you goes to Get Off The Bus Canada for giving me this opportunity! It is definitely a day I will remember for the rest of my life! 

How important has it been to get back to more of a regular schedule of live performances after being restricted by COVID-19?

Wow! I will never take performing live for granted again. Every show feels like a dream, and I hold on to each one like it’s the last. Connecting through music in a live setting is something that can never be replaced in my heart. 

What can audiences expect when they go see you live during your Ontario festivals tour to end July?

Expect to hear a handful of my originals (including some unreleased originals!) performed with my backing band and a couple of covers from my favourite artists. I will have exclusive merch available only to those attending the shows and will meet as many of your beautiful faces as I can! 

What’s next for you for the rest of the year?

After the ‘Right Thing’ release on July 15th and the July Ontario Festivals tour, I have new songs lined up to work on in the studio and will be preparing for the last few summer shows, including August 9th at The Stockey Centre and August 27th opening for The Honeyrunners. I am also very excited for a feature show at Heartwood Concert Hall on October 21st.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Find me on socials @paigewarnermusic, my website paigewarner.ca, or search Paige Warner on music streaming platforms! Send me a message and let me know you found me on Find Your Inner Geek! stream ‘Right Thing’ here


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