Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m a pop artist from Atlanta, GA. I’ve been doing music my whole life, and I just recently released my latest single Next Ex!! It’s kind of about being on the dating scene and playing the field. It was just released on September 2nd!

How did you get your start in music and modeling? Did they go hand in hand, or did one come before the other?

Music always came first. I started singing in elementary school at school plays, and then talent shows, then in the studio. Modeling came when I was a little older and got taller. It was always so much fun and involved a lot of traveling, which I loved. I think modeling and music both go hand in hand because modeling has made me so comfortable in front of a camera which I’m in front of all the time for music. It’s definitely helpful to know my angles and feel confident.

What was your experience like appearing on the 17th season of American Idol?

It was a pretty surreal experience, I always say nothing could’ve prepared me for it.

It was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be. We were on a very intense schedule and expected to perform to perfection. I appreciated the experience in so many ways. It definitely challenged me but was so rewarding at the same time. Not to mention it was so cool to meet Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry.

How have you evolved as a music artist since your time on American Idol?

In so many ways. I feel like I can work harder, I have thicker skin, and I know more than I did before the show. In certain ways, I feel like it gives me a leg up because I know I can handle anything.

You have a bunch of live shows coming up. What’s the audience experience like at those shows?

I’m not sure yet. We’ll have to wait and see!

I have high hopes, though. This will be my first time touring in a while, so I’m super excited, and I have a good feeling the vibes will be right. I’ll be touring with a couple of other amazing artists (Sheena, Max Muscato, Ammon & Liahona) on The Voice and American Idol mashup tour! We’ll be starting off in Pittsburgh, PA, on October 13th, Brooklyn, NY, on October 14th, and then ending in LA around November 6th!

How difficult is it to balance your music career and your modeling career?

It’s not too hard. I’m focused on music more now than modeling, so I take modeling jobs that sound fun or make sense.  For the most part, music is the priority for most of my schedule until the end of the year.

What’s next for your career?

A lot of shows and touring and new music!!! I’m excited for the rest of the year, and I already know 2023 will be even better.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers and models?

Stay focused on your personal goals, don’t compare yourself, and continue to work hard. Hard work outlasts everything else. If you’re in these industries, chances are you already know you’re beautiful and talented. It’s important to have a work ethic because how badly you want it and what you’re willing to do to get there will always be the difference.

What’s your life like outside of music and modeling?

I absolutely love spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel, and I’m obsessed with food, so I love to cook and try new restaurants. I also love being outside and going to the beach. I live a simple life outside of work, and I feel very blessed to do what I do.

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